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  1. Alright--I've got stuff to show!

    • Nave (Hub3): "A Sinister Sanctuary" (3:44)
    • Dark Watch: "Under Dark Watch" (2:56)
    • Dark Citadel: "Reckoning of the Dark Citadel" (4:56)

    Also in the file are three tracks I'd like to offer for the bonus pile:

    • "From the Ranks of Corruption" (3:20)
      • Made from a cut section of "Under Dark Watch." 
    • "Three Heroes Emerge" (2:20)
      • A "Hero theme" made from a cut section of "A Sinister Sanctuary."
    • "To Heal a Poisoned Land" (4:40)
      • An idea I had for the opening "Ruined Village" map.



  2. Having been here for just under two years, I still consider myself a new member.


    Short version: I was just starting to dip my toe in PC gaming, and wanted to find and play games that had a thriving modding community.


    To elaborate:


    There was always that mystique and legendary aura the revolved around the Doom community, and I finally picked up the original IWADS on a super sale from GOG. They sat on my virtual shelf for a few months as I became very confused, not understanding really what a source-port was or how to get it working to play the crazy things I'd see on YouTube every now and again.


    That summer, I finally went searching for a tutorial and discovered it was vastly more simple than I thought.


    In wanting to play Doom heavily modded to the point that it didn't look like Doom anymore (because "When in Rome"), I started to look for a mod that represented a corner of classic 3D FPS with which I identified, and found that bar none, I was huge Dark Forces fan. 


    I loaded up Ultimate Doom with Xim's Star Wars mod, and played through to about the midpoint of episode III in one sitting. I was hooked after that, and, after finishing Doom and playing through Doom II and the Final Doom entries, endeavored to play at least one wad from every year of the Cacowards. Along the way, I picked up Heretic, Hexen and Strife, and I think Heretic remains my favorite IWAD of the lot.


    I think there's a really pure creative drive within the Doom community that keeps me coming back. It's really cool how Doom remains such an accessible entry point for programming, game-design, and what I've gotten to experience first hand in the realm of music composition.


    This is all, at least to some degree, art for art's sake, and I'm continually inspired by the grand projects people have seen to completion in their spare time, either alone, or in a vast collaboration with other artists sharing the same passion. I feel nothing but excitement when I visit this space and see all the new things people continue to develop.

  3. 34 minutes ago, Doomenator said:

    There is WTMDGEA.WAD, but it is good just with stock textures. Texture packs can ruin it. :)


    I appreciate the recommendation, @Doomenator! I just gave the Star Wars mod shout out as the reason I'm looking for wads of this particular kind, but my hope is that making this list might help anyone else who wants stock texture wads for any number of reasons to find them. 


    I'm having a hard time finding the wad somewhere, though :(

  4. This is a thread inspired by @P41R47's list of the "Best Megawads with (mostly) stock textures."


    My favorite gameplay mod is Xim's Star Wars Doom, and I especially love the texture pack Xim made for it. I've found that texture packs in general work best on maps that have no new graphics, so I thought I would make a list of wad recommendations that use exclusively stock textures, for both myself and anyone else who would want such a list.


    Wads that qualify for this list answer the question of "New Graphics?" with either "No," or something to the effective of "A new title pic/level text/hud something-or-rather," or, in the most lenient of cases "A new sky texture." I'm also not looking for the more eclectic styled maps, so wads like Arch-Vile Jump or something like UnNecessary should be omitted from this particular list.


    I know I hate being led astray into a less than favorable map or mapset, so I'll make some asterisks just to keep this list of recommendations honest and helpful:


    (+)= I played this and I liked it.

    (_)= I have not played this.

    (-)= I played this. Proceed with caution. It’s highly recommended, but it wasn't my cup of tea.


    So here is the list so far:


    Ultimate Doom



    Doom II




    I'm sure this is a very small sample of all that's out there, so please name any favorite wads that haven't been mentioned :)


    EDIT: Thank you guys for all of the recommendations! This thread now has more stock-texture wads than I know with what to do!

  5. I just finished playing this with Final Doomer and Bratwurst, and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. My current rig couldn't handle the final two levels, but I enjoyed what I was able to play. The beautiful locals and exploration-driven gameplay were really nice. I only got lost once (Map 04), which was a real breath of fresh air after having just completed Eternal Doom. I think my favorite part was the way each level transitioned to the next with a sort of geographical storytelling. It felt very immersive. I would play a sequel (if my computer could handle it).

  6. On 9/27/2020 at 8:53 PM, m8f said:

    First, you have to replace Hexen items with Doom items. You can do it with Decorate. Here is an example what I did for The Adventures of Square.

    Second, you have the issue of different palette, so you have to convert the graphics from paletted to PNGs. Do it with Slade, or maybe you can get away with just loading Doom-in-Heretic from here.


    Then you would load the created Decorate file, the file with converted graphics, and Final Doomer.


    Dang is DECORATE intuitive! I used your template alongside looking at Xim's Star Wars Doom's Decorate, made the replacements, and it worked! I didn't even have to futz with the pallet of the images. It plays great!


    I'll post the textfile for what I did in decorate here in case anyone else wants to pop it in FD and try it out.


    Right now, Doomguy plays as a bit of a glass canon. He doesn't seem to want pick up any of Hexen's armors, so I've replaced armor with additional ammunition and an occasional bonus quartz flask. It's definitely not perfect, but I enjoyed my test-run through Deathkings of the Dark Citadel with the Plutonia loadout and found it difficult but not impossible. The lack of any backpacks kind of balances out just how doggone powerful many of Final Doomer's weapons can be. It almost gives Hexen a bit of a Residental Evil vibe, solving puzzles with powerful weapons that have a limited ammo supply.


    Any-hoo, thank you so much for the guidance, @m8f. This is my first venture into anything coding related, and it was quite a fun exploration :)


    Maybe now I can finally try making that Heretic/Hexen monster mod for Doom...

  7. 21 minutes ago, Faceman2000 said:

    If I understand correctly, he’s proposing one to replace the duplicated tracks in the Doom 1 & 2 (and why not TNT? It probably needs it most of all) soundtracks. So your E1M1 music will still be safe (in fact, ALL of E1’s music will be safe) but you won’t have to listen to Waltz of the Demons three times before you finish the game.


    Ah! That sounds like a fun idea!

  8. Sometimes one can get very lucky with the benevolent kindness of high-achieving mod-authors and their widescale integration of compatibility into any given project, such as Heretical DoomGuncasterTrailblazer and Kriegsland II


    For other projects, however, the ones that don't have such built-in compatibilities, how would one go about porting such gameplay mods to other iwads?


    As a start, my current desire is to play Final Doomer with Hexen. Where would I begin?

  9. 10 hours ago, dial-up said:

    And what does everyone use to compose?


    I use Logic, which means I have to compose hearing the default MIDI synth that is bundled with MacOS/Windows, and then listen to it back in GZDoom to check it sounds ok with OPL synth emulation.


    @dial-up I'm also on Logic, and it's helped to open up one of Schilder's midis in the program to see what Logic's software parallels are.


    I also generally kick my midis over to Musescore for final edits to get a better ear of what they'll sound like with something similar to a synth-wave soundfont before testing in game. My thought generally is "If it sounds alright with something like Synth-wave, odds are it'll sound alright with the other soundfonts."



  10. I love Heretic's monster-roster and was wondering if anyone knew of a mod akin to BratwurstRampancy, or DoomLess that brings the forces of D'Sparil to Doom. While I am a big fan of Heretical Doom, it's monster pack is pretty brutal, and I'd like to find something that's more vanilla-balanced. 


    I managed to find a mod called Hexen Monsters 4 Doom, but the wad didn't seem to take on any effect aside from a swap of the switch/lift/door sounds to that of Hexen.


    The Heretic Baddies also make an appearance in QC:DE and Aeons of Death, but I yearn for something that doesn't affect the weapon side of things.


    Can anyone help?

  11. 15 minutes ago, Edward850 said:


    Not vastly, but different enough to be quite incompatible (updated map format, new lighting system, no global palette, macro scripting, added enemy and weapon behaviour...)

    Yes. In fact it has several. There's a single IWAD that itself contains more IWADs for each map. Yes this is true for the N64 ROM.


    15 minutes ago, Gez said:

    GZDoom does not support Doom 64 at the moment.


    The guts are very similar to classic Doom, however the map format is different, the actors are different (even those that are the same: the collision box for the barons and knights, for example, use different values from the classic barons and knights), and there are different features, which make support for the game difficult.


    You can use Doom64 EX, but the engine provided should be superior on all points.


    Gotcha--I suspected as much. 


    Would compatibility be a worthwhile endeavor one might expect as an additional feature for GZDoom at some point, or would that be more trouble than its worth to try and accomplish?


    EDIT: I guess I'm wondering if I should run through the game legit through this release and its current config, play "Doom 64 for Doom II," or wait to see if the legit .Iwad (or Iwads?) might become compatible with Zdoom.

  12. I've been playing a lot of Xim's Star Wars Mod. Seeing Kyle Katarn back in action, laying a righteous smack down on the nefarious plots of the Empire, got me inspired to write some music. I want to give Kyle the proper Star Wars treatment of having riveting melodies and motifs for his own bailiwick. I'll post more here depending on what you think. 


    Hope you enjoy!




  13. And thus: the second half of Episode 2. The first song here started as an attempt at going for a Dark Forces song in the style of Bajakian, but I thought I should put it in with this lot as I didn't have enough patience to finish giving it that "Star Wars" sound. Otherwise, I hope you the viewer enjoy Episode 2, and as always I super appreciate any constructive feedback you can give me. Here's hoping 2 topped 1 and 3 will top 2!