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  1. Gajita

    Southern Cross [Gold Edition]

    i like it, its very fun to play i think! i havent played the previous version, but the "gold edition" is pretty good!
  2. Gajita

    Master Levels?

    i did have the CD with the master levels on them, but thats long lost now, too many house modifications and clean outs ;-) i was just wondering if anybody knows of download links for them, cheers!
  3. Gajita

    The /newstuff Chronicles #148

    i kinda liked the Caco thing, Southern Cross is bloody good too!
  4. Gajita

    My First Bit Of Doom Fan-Art

    okay, ill take that in mind too...i know what you mean, cos it wouldnt exactly feel very nice having a metal wire sticking out of your arm...well...unless you like that sort of thing...
  5. Gajita

    Deamon's Birth

    i love that...lol, nice going!!
  6. Gajita

    My First Bit Of Doom Fan-Art

    hey baby come over here and show me those sexy neck muscles of yours...oooh yeeh...;-) must try that one...just to see whatll happen!
  7. Gajita

    My First Bit Of Doom Fan-Art

    well SF is cool as anything too...its pretty hard to choose a fav outta those two and thanx, ill have a look for that book when pay day gets here, lol
  8. Gajita

    My First Bit Of Doom Fan-Art

    that sounds like something off Mortal Kombat! lol :D
  9. Gajita

    My First Bit Of Doom Fan-Art

    hmmm, well i agree with all thats been said here and i shall try harder! i do need a lot of practice, i know that much thanx for all the suggestions :-)
  10. yes...my first piece of fan-art regarding doom...please be as critical as you like! lol, just constructive stuff...and umm...yeh! http://www.utopian-totality.co.uk/~gazzaunreal/cyberbaron.jpg Time : bout 2/3 hours Materials : Pencils WHEE!! The picture was too big.