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  1. theDia

    I'm stuck. . .

    That's the trouble with all those tricks and traps. :)
  2. theDia

    I'm stuck. . .

    Were probably the next question will come up. :)
  3. theDia

    Would it be cheating if i..

    If a fight is to hard or I softlocked myself due to stupidity or ammo-wasting I always use IDDQD for a short tme until the hurdle is cleared - and I never felt bad about it. And why should I, as @SchwTrdLeenW mentioned - Doom is a mostly single player game and I will have fun playing it. :)
  4. Being an old-timer (I was 32 when Doom came out) all of my friends know and at least have loved Doom, but none of them plays it now. Some went on to modern gaming, most of them seldom even grab a controller at all, because "gaming is childish". But at least my son (now 31) still is a Doomer at heart, even if he only plays with "Brutal Doom" can´t understand why I still map for it and thinks I should switch to more modern engines. My son in law (25) is a typical modern gamer and plays Fifa and COD semi-professionally. After a lot of time and long talks I finally got him to buy and install Doom2 on his PC and strangely he liked the game and even playtests some of my stuff now. He likes the speed and that there's no fat on the game, so in fact all what makes me a Doomkid in heart.
  5. theDia

    Doom map tropes you love & hate

    Seems like you're talking about my upcoming map-set. :)
  6. theDia

    Labyrinth Doom Wad

    This is an impressive Labyrinth. :) Exactly the kind of thing I wanted to make when starting mapping in the mid-nineties, but the dreaded visplane-error stopped my creativity in it's heels. :)
  7. theDia

    Using secrets effectively

    I tend to show the player in advance what he could get (mostly blue and green stuff;) ) if he finds the secret and also use secrets to open new connections between parts of the level or whole new areas to explore. I also avoid the headbumping (Wolffenstein) approach, which means if you look around closely you will find the secret areas sooner or later - if you just run through the map you will probably have less fun (and miss some more or less interesting fights and/or areas). About the weapon problem...hmmh, in my last map I offered the player three areas he/she could enter from the start. I each of those there was a SSG. Two of them were secrets (but visible from the start of the area) and needed some "of the trodden path"-thinking, one was obviously placed in the way. Sadly none of my testers took the time to go for the harder path, so my solution for the final version is to hide the third SSG also (Yeah, I'm an asshole;) ).
  8. theDia

    When Do Your Maps Get Named?

    Exactly what happens here. :) Even with a lot of pre-planning the worlds we build in Doom tend to get a life on their own after the first few designed areas, so the final name mostly has nothing to do with what was the "production-title". :)
  9. theDia

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Well you probably waited to long to play this. :) As in level01 a lot of the problems are already solved and the Cyber will give you much more trouble now. What I found interesting is that you missed almost all of the secret areas, even if I put some goodies visible but not reachable without them there and - off course - that you missed the door. :) And the music...man, I'm so glad that in between I found some fitting (and longer) tunes. :) Me too, but this was created 15 years later. :) As mentioned often by me, it's so great that we mappers have now the possibility to watch players test our work before release, this makes it much simpler to see were to twitch a bit and were to add some action/hints/health/ammo. Both maps have grown a lot in the last two weeks and will be part of a 4 1/2 map-set (4 big ones and a hub) which will be (as map02 is already) solveable in any sequence, but it will probably take more than a month before anything else is testable, because - due to this concept - a lot of finetuning between the maps is needed. I can only hope you'll find the time then to play the complete set.
  10. theDia

    Swapping color-palette between maps?

    Great - so it would be possible also to change back and forth during the level progression. This opens a lot of new ways to bring what I have planned over to the player...
  11. Hi there Doom editing-gods, a simple idea but probably not a simple solution. The idea: In a mapset suddenly you land in a grayscale world, after cleaning this map the world will be (doom)-colorfull again. Theoretically it's no big deal to change the Doom-color-palette to a functioning greyscale (see below) one for a single map, but in a mapset....hmmh. Any ideas?
  12. theDia

    Swapping color-palette between maps?

    Which would in case of the size of my levels be a real pain in the a**. :) Isn't it great to see that even after almost 25 years of mapping in different engines one can still learn some new stuff about the classics?. That's why I love Dooms engine - it's an endless wonder.:)
  13. theDia

    Swapping color-palette between maps?

    Dann dürfte ich als Düsseldorfer ja eigentlich kaum mit dir reden. :) Heja DEG! Thanks, I will do this after designing and testing the new level (I'm still not sure it will work the way I plan it at all). My biggest fear is that working in UDMF I will fall in love with all the new possibilities and rework the other maps completely according, which will put the release even further in the future (and I want my cacoaward in 2019 :) ).
  14. theDia

    Labyrinth Doom Wad

    Finally someone understands me. :)
  15. theDia

    Swapping color-palette between maps?

    Which would be great if I had started my work in UDMF, but the mapset was begun in 2002 in "Doom in Hexen-Format" which hadn't those nifty tricks available. Or is it possible to include just one UDMF-map in a wad without destroying the rest (three maps are already done) of it? EDIT (just ten minutes later :) ): It seems it is possible - even in a hud-based design. Of course I have to force myself now to use UDMF special features to not distract from the rest of the maps, but at least it seems my idea is doable in a way. If it works out like planned we will see. :)
  16. theDia

    Swapping color-palette between maps?

    Yeah I forgot to mention - I´m unsing GZDoom and edit with Slade, which off course let me choose a palette, but only for the whole set and this would ruin the gag. It also would be possible to add the color-changed-map as an extra wad-file, but this also would not work for me, because the set will be an hub-mapset. I'm pretty sure the solution is somewhere in reach and I simply to stupid to see the obvious signs. :) BTW @Kappes Buur - schicker Name - auch Rheinländer, oder?
  17. theDia

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Yup - and I was lucky enough to see all of those spaghetti-splatter-classics on the big screen back then. :)
  18. theDia

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Because Doom is my secret-life I have no Dooming-pics of myself. This is the promotional pic from my last podcast-project, because IRL I´m a film-critic since the early 1980ies (that's why I'm holding my favourite movie from 2018 in my hands here). :)
  19. theDia

    Skyboxes can't find any

    Interesting - just when I start fumbling around with skys for the first time in 20+ years of mapping such a thread appears. I love Doomworld. :)
  20. theDia

    Top 5 Essential WADs

    @Andromeda Do you want to marry me? :) Visually and from what we developed in the trick- and idea-departement for sure you're right, but in terms of playability - hmmmh, I don't know. I never made it through Excalibur and after the fourth oversized Coleur-Castle even I got bored (hence my own smaller entries). All in all Eternal never really got the "flow" we were strifing for in the beginning of the project (when we really planned to let all levels visually connect to each other - residue of this is still to see in the first 20 maps). I'm sure there were better projects in the last 20+ years - at least from the playability angle, but I also have to admit that I still play the one or other Eternal level (mostly those from Paul and Jim) from time to time and I use the old ressources now while constructing my new wad (but in a slightly different way). So, sure we left a dent in the Doom-Map-Community and we surely were ahead of the time back then, but one has to admit the flaws also: endless backtracking, hidden switches (you won't find those in ANY of my levels), illogical puzzles and - the worst offender - the tendency to go bigger than needed. But I can assure you - you will have fun when I release my new project - which I call by myself Eternal Doom 4.5. :)
  21. theDia

    What can i do ? I need some help here!

    That's "easy" - at least in theory, if your able to find the menmber-search wich is hidden well here. :) https://www.doomworld.com/search/?&type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[4]=1&sortby=relevancy
  22. theDia

    Doom's charm...

    Interesting question. For me it can't be the music, because since the early days I mostly play without it. That doesn't mean I don't like game-music - in reality I love soundtracks in general and game-music in special (my favourite game-score of all time is Chris Hülsbeck's TurricanII and Chris even scored one of my movies). But especially when playing a Doom-level for longer times (Hey, I co-created Eternal Doom) the music tends to work against the immersive feeling of the game. And speaking of games, I'm old enough to have lived and played through each and every computer- and console-game-generation (I was the first in my circle of friends to own a Pong-Console back then and just recently switched to a PS4) but no game ever had the lasting impact of Doom. Probably Doom is the perfect game, because - even if it was a revolution back then - it never tried more than to be entertainment. Even the shareware-version of "Knee Deep..." had everything I ever wanted from a game. Fast paced gameplay, great graphics, perfectly balanced gameplay, great atmosphere and - best of all - you could start it and were in the game in a few seconds without having to play through long tutorials, read a manual or train for hours to progress. After downloading the shareware-version back then through a friends BBS, we played it for weeks in row while waiting for the parcel from the US with the full version (because over here in Germany it wasn't officially available for a long time). But that's not all. The ability to create your own levels - well, we also had this in Wolffenstein, but this was nothing compared to what Doom had to offer - was a way to live out my creativity. Also this happened when the internet was young and the World-wide-web something only Nerds used on a daily base. Doom brought me together with people around the world, the compuserve-forums and the newsnet became my second home - so in a way Doom made the world small and taught me english in a way never before possible (and I'm a Star Wars-Fan from day one and already had a lot of world-wide contacts via snail-mail). Lastly Doom gave me a job for a year and even after this went down the drain, because the company went bancrupt prior to the release, this experience helped me a lot. So Doom was in my live since my early 30ies and I can definatly put a marker there. There was a live before Doom and a live after, but there will never be a life after Doom - at least for me. :)
  23. theDia

    What can i do ? I need some help here!

    Strange...whats puzzling me the most is, that your registration date is still shown as 4/28/19 - so at least this is still in that way your old account. But I'm sure one of the admins can solve this problem - if not, I can only hope they can also put your old posts on this new account. I keep my fingers crossed...