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  1. Today I sat down with my notepad to start transcribing the songs from my head into my next "album", my disappointment with my last one still fresh on my mind.

    15 hours later I have a frame for a song and, for the first time ever it actually sounds BETTER than it did in my head.

    I'm still just working it out pecking at the keyboard, but at least now I know what a chord is. I guess I shouldn't be too excited since this song is so formulaic and derivative that practically wrote itself, but I am anyway. I have a feeling the next three months are going to fly by.


    The drums are only half done, it completely lacks guitar, and guide vocal is a synth piano, but the composition is basically all done.

    And finally, I'm not saying I don't suck, just that I suddenly find myself sucking considerably less.

    1. Kyka


      I know you and I dont agree on much... but I kinda liked this song of yours. Very Rhythm and Blues, very swing. With some real instruments in it, it will sound really good I think. The composition and style is actually pretty good.

      Good luck with it.