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  1. Never seen a site requiring so much validation (including the little image-text thingy)

    fgtsite said:

    Hi there. I'm just checking to see if you're a real human being and not a spam bot. ;)

    If you could return an email to me and let me know what interested you about joining the message boards, I'll be happy to validate your account.

    If I don't hear from you by this time tomorrow though, I'll be deleting your registration without validating it.


    All the best,

    me said:


    I understand that you require proof that I am not a robot.

    To that end, I inform you of my desire to engage in discussion with like-minded humans.

    Also, my favorite food is sugar and my favorite emotion is fear.

    Thank you,

    I hope she appreciates my wit, or she may not let me in.

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    2. Richo Rosai

      Richo Rosai

      Haha, turned out she was a moron anyway. She asked me why I like fear...

    3. AndrewB


      You do realize that fear is a generally displeasurable emotion, don't you?

    4. Richo Rosai

      Richo Rosai

      Apparently part or all of my clever joke missed you. Allow me to ruin it.

      My hypothetical robot, in his failed attempt to pretend to be a human, describes two things about himself which he believes to be uniquely human. One of these is his "favorite emotion", even though it would never occur to a human to choose a favorite emotion. Compounding his error, since he wasn't programmed to understand feelings, he just chooses an emotion at random, and chooses poorly.