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  1. I was screwing around with the line-in record function of my Cowon iAudio in a karaoke box, getting behind the unit and splitting off the input from the karaoke server to record the karaoke music. Then it occurred to me to try plugging one of the mics straight into the iAudio and recording my own voice. Of course, with the combination of massive background noise, the quality of the cheap karaoke microphone, the 128kbps WMA format (the best my iAudio supports) and the fact that I was recording directly from a non-powered microphone without amplification or anything I assumed that I would go home with nothing but a hissy mess. But when I got home and tried mixing it with the karaoke background music, it actually didn't sound so bad (the quality that is--my singing is still horrendous). Some noise-reduction and EQ-ing and I basically couldn't tell the difference between these vox and what I pay good money at the studio for, although that's probably just my shitty ears. In any case though, they were far from unusable.

    Then I started tweaking here and there, and about 20 straight hours later I had completely replaced the background music with my own, basically ending up with a complete cover song that I can't release because it's not mine. And so I thought I'd share it.