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  1. Baron of Hell

    DOOM movie DVD pre-order

    I don't think you really needed to stretch this topic over three threads but now it's here, I'll give some reasons. Things that killed Doom: The Movie 1. The Rock. 2. Different storyline. 3. No Hellspawn. 4. Humor, one liners. 5. Cripple turning into a Bull Demon. 6. Crap director. 7. John Carmack approving it, making me lose all my respect for him. They couldn't even make the best game of all time into a successful film, no more video game adaptions please!!
  2. Baron of Hell

    Favourite Simpsons Moment

    What is your favourite Simpsons moment? Share your thoughts. My favourite moment is in the the episode called "Cape Feare" where the Simpsons join the witness relocation program and change thier last name to Thompson, yet every time the cops say hello Mr.Thompson to Homer he doesn't respond, so then they step on his foot whilst saying it and he still doesn't respond. Funny stuff.
  3. Baron of Hell

    DOOM movie DVD pre-order

    You got the Doom movie? Sucked in!
  4. Baron of Hell

    DOOM movie DVD pre-order

    With the original Doom, id Software created something so beautiful, so flawless, it was an absolute masterpiece, of course there would be a sequel which of course was just as wonderful if not better. Then after nine years of waiting they hit us with Doom 3, which was also wonderful, fantastic storyline combined with crisp graphics and an enormous campaign, (not quite as good as the first two though). Then finally Resurrection of Evil hits the shelves, expanding our knowledge of the Doom 3 universe. If only they had used the Doom 3 storyline then they would have had an instant success, it might have even gone on to spawn several sequels making a trilogy. But there is this moron, Dave Callaham. He has destroyed any chance of this happening, he has practically spat in all of our faces (us loyal to the games). Not only will this film not attract any new people to the Doom universe/community but it has also killed our hopes of seeing the true Doom movie on the silver screen. I apologise to anyone I may have offended saying the things I have said but I am just so disgusted with this bastardization of a true work of art that I felt I had to. I still love the games though and look forward to Doom 4. *fingers crossed*
  5. Baron of Hell

    Query/Question Regarding D3 (XBox) & Expansion

    Noooooooooo! This is blasphemy! >_<
  6. Baron of Hell

    Doom Collector's Figurines

    Yeah, the lost soul was my favourite, thanks for the info Amaster.
  7. Baron of Hell

    Doom Collector's Figurines

    When Doom 3 was released I noticed that you could get a cool figurine, and every time I visited a different store the figurine would be different, so far I have seen the following... 1. Demon 2. Baron of Hell 3. Lost Soul 4. Mancubus Are there more figurines like these, if so does anyone know where I can see the whole collection? Is it possible to buy the whole collection?
  8. Greetings once more, fellow doomerinies! Ok, first let me say that the original Doom and Doom II remained my favourite games for seven or eight years, so when I heard that Doom 3 was well on the way I immediately hurried down to the store to pre-order a copy. Unfortunately however, I have never been able to afford a decent enough computer that would run it, so up to this very day, I have never played it, or even watched someone play it. I DO however have an XBox, and I have already pre-ordered my copy of the Limited Collector's edition, which I am eagerly waiting for, I live in Australia so I have to wait until the 3rd of March. This brings me to my query, I have read that this Limited Edition comes with The Ultimate Doom and Doom II aswell, yet as I read further it says that They are both full versions yet The Ultimate Doom only has three episodes, is this a mistake or does it really only have three? Thy Flesh Consumed ROCKS! I know it's way too early for me to ask this next question but I'm just aching to know, has there been any news or rumours regarding the Doom 3 expansion being released on the XBox?
  9. Baron of Hell

    ZDoom Problem

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble with the latest version of ZDoom and I lost all my previously downloaded earlier versions when my computer's memory was erased, the version I have now is 2.0.63a. I don't know why but this version makes Doom/Heretic run very laggy, even on the lowest video mode! >_< Could someone please send me the version released before this one or direct me to a site where I can download it? My email is as follows... smeagol@iprimus.com.au
  10. Baron of Hell

    Final Doom, unbeatable?

    Thanks guys, I think I'll go and start Final Doom on Ultra-Violence now...
  11. Baron of Hell

    Final Doom, unbeatable?

    I'll admit it, I have never actually beaten or attempted to beat Final Doom. I have beaten The Ultimate Doom and Doom II though. Some time back, I remember reading a review on Final Doom, a rather appauling review. I myself love Final Doom, it's a must have for real Doomers. In this review I remember this person saying that it is not possible to even beat the game on ultra-violence, is this true? I know that level 32 in The Plutonia Experiment (Go 2 It) is insane, with about seven Cyberdemons, fifty Mancubuses, one hundred Barons of Hell, thirty Arch-Viles and one hundred Arachnotrons but I have beaten it without the use of cheats. Level 31, (Cyberden) features 4 Cyberdemons in one small area, I haven't beaten that level though... So to conclude my rambling on my question is, is Final Doom impossible to finish on Ultra-Violence?
  12. Baron of Hell

    Doom Movie Planned

    So, there may actually be a Doom movie, but is this good news or bad news? If it will happen that is... http://www.sknr.net/
  13. Baron of Hell

    The Lost Episodes of Doom

    Thanks! There's only one that I know of and that's the one you can download at The Page of Doom.
  14. Baron of Hell

    Heretic & Hexen Threads

    Has anyone ever discussed whether Doomworld should have a Heretic thread and a Hexen thread? I think there should be, or has it already been considered and denied?
  15. Baron of Hell

    The Lost Episodes of Doom

    Sorry if I didn't make it clear, but I meant the patch for the Lost Episodes, I can get the Lost Episodes to work fine but it's the actual patch for the Lost Episodes that I am trying to get to work.