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  1. [W4GH4X]

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I'm here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9mNNdKS9K4
  2. This is a Bach fugue played on bass guitar, using two-handed tapping technique http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9mNNdKS9K4
  3. [W4GH4X]

    Half-Country of Evil (WAD Release)

    One thing we have faced and noticed while testing the level in previous versions, is the fact to kill tons of monsters, room by room, become monotony. The idea behind Polymorphic Imp, is to avoid (no so much =P) to kill hordes of the same kind of monster, while moving through the rooms to reach the keys or the switchs required to complete the level, by replacing the hordes with one or two monsters wich have enough amount of health. We conclude, after quite enough testing, the implementation of Polymorphic Imp breaks for a little short time with this monotony.
  4. [W4GH4X]


    I play bass and I´m currently studying doble-bass. =)
  5. [W4GH4X]

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Thankss entryway!
  6. [W4GH4X]

    The /newstuff Chronicles #252

    I was waiting a good job from you! And now we got it! We enjoyed very much testing all the DM maps in the old-school form. Great ones and fast ones!! PS: I remember this frag :D http://www.doomworld.com/images/newstuff/252/dmhous1.png como comiste guacho!! :P
  7. [W4GH4X]

    The actual 'Thrash Metal' thread

    Slayer (Terror2000 too..)
  8. [W4GH4X]

    the best UT video ever

    36 minutes 50 secs with increibles frags and many editions with 3dsmax!! check this out!!! http://owntracker.com/disco/details.php?info_hash=844dd8567e020de358f940925e11f760f51d7499 it´s a torrent file! download!!!! also you can download the Extra Frags
  9. [W4GH4X]

    [Preemptive] Offical Happy New Year Thread

    Happy new year to all!
  10. [W4GH4X]

    Don't like the monster

    -Spectres, I hate them so, its may be posibible you hate me in DM ;D
  11. [W4GH4X]

    Creating music

    I use Reason 2.5 to import the midi files (midi files created with Harmony or Sibelius 2), for mixing the Wavs files I use Cubase Sx2 (with Halion 2 plugin). Cubase sx2 also can be connected with reason (rewire mode) I used it sometimes.
  12. [W4GH4X]

    Happy 11th Birthday, DOOM

    Happy birthday!!
  13. [W4GH4X]

    Third Party Internet Browsers

    Firefox rules!
  14. [W4GH4X]

    Favorite game of 2004:

    SP: DOOM3 MP: UT2k4
  15. [W4GH4X]

    Doomers by Location

    correction |- Argentina - | |- Buenos Aires - | |- Avellaneda - | | |-Wilde - | | | |-[W4GH4X] ;D