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  1. Okay, thanks for clarifying that. All I can say for that is that the controls I described in my last post should allow you to use the menues. Make sure you have them bound in the controls menu (but why wouldn't you? 😛). You're playing on PC, right? (Something I just realized: In your image both game modes can be seen. I wasn't paying attention. HOWEVER there the "preset" game mode is selected. So you actually managed to do some inputs. 😛)
  2. Hi! There's already something wrong if you only see one game mode. If that's the case my only guess is that maybe you changed some settings regarding the ingame HUD (in the Doom settings menu). Controlling the BorderDoom menues is done by using your normal Doom controls (forward/backward, strafe left/right, fire). There is some additional info in the readme file. If you can't get it to work please show a screenshot of the menu you described.
  3. Sunbeam

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    Definitely Pain Elementals. If not taken care of immediately, they can spam their Lost Souls everywhere, blocking your gunfire (might even lead to killing yourself with rockets). Also you have to waste ammo and time on those Souls...
  4. Sunbeam

    LiveReverb - dynamic reverb for all Doom maps!

    Thanks guys! All of the "room detection" is an approximation. As such you will probably find a few places where it might seem off a bit. But in general I have found it to work quite well.
  5. This is LiveReverb, which gives dynamic reverb to all existing Doom maps! Also works for Heretic and Hexen. Requires GZDoom 3.0.0 or newer. DOWNLOAD: HERE! If you want to get in contact, there's a Discord server for my mods and projects: DISCORD Also Twitter! Also check out: BorderDoom: Doom with Borderlands gameplay elements Deformed Doom: deform any Doom map!
  6. Sunbeam

    I still cannot understand this teleport bug!

    I'm not sure about the other occurrences, but in this specific case (using BorderDoom) the weapons may very well be blocking the monsters. I had to set the weapon pickups to "shootable" (or something like this) so that players can pick them up by pressing the use-key. I'm not sure if I can "fix" that. Thanks for the video! That however doesn't explain the other teleporters that didn't work where Optimus didn't use any mods.
  7. Thanks! I haven't played those mods, but unfortunately my guess is that they won't be compatible. At least if the other mods somehow change the monsters and weapons (which they seem to do quite a lot). Version 1.0 won't make a difference in that regard. I hope you still have some fun the way it is now. 🙂
  8. I'm glad you like it. I find that interesting. For me getting a better weapon after a fight was more like a reward rather than a "regret". On the other hand you could always try to find a better weapon before the fight (applies to Borderlands, too). It's good that you didn't have any ammo shortages. I tried to counter that by having enemies drop random ammo. I'm not quite sure about this but I had a similar thought. I want the higher level enemies to be noticeably stronger than the weaker ones. But of course enemies shouldn't be a one hit kill (except for the Cyberdemon maybe). On the other hand the shield gives you basically "free" hit points, so that's a plus. The demon staff was not really intended as a "normal" weapon. Instead it was added so players could also play this mod with maps that have lots of enemies (slaughter maps in the extreme case, but I wouldn't recommend this). Using it on maps with few enemies will be very slow. But that's the intention: It should only work if many monsters are present. The thing about weapon models was brought up before. Maybe in the future. 🙂
  9. Thanks! Very kind of you to say that. 🙂 We'll see. Have fun! I'd like to hear your feedback after you played it.
  10. BorderDoom v1.2 released! Changelog: - new game mode: "preset" (enemies get stronger with each map) - show ammo count in inventory screen - reduced enemy health: -25% for Baron of Hell and Pain Elemental, -33% for Spider Mastermind and Cyberdemon - only compare weapon pickup stats when having the same weapon type selected - fixed player shield having wrong shield points when entering a map - fixed shield recharge with higher level shields - smaller bugfixes Game mode selection: Updated inventory screen:
  11. Hey there.
    I just played through your mapset Kuchitsu and had fun.

    Thanks for making it! 🙂

  12. BorderDoom 1.1 released! See first post for download and changelog.
  13. Sunbeam

    Deformed Doom - deform any Doom map!

    In theory: Yes. But it only works with rather short lines and ways that consist of many vertices. If you have a long line with only two vertices the whole line will move but it won't look nice. So you would still have to put in some work. What is really needed to make that possible is the ability to create vertices on the fly. Unfortunately that is impossible right now.
  14. Sunbeam

    Deformed Doom - deform any Doom map!

    Haha yes, that seems about right. 😁 It would be possible I think, but would it really help? 😛
  15. Sunbeam

    Deformed Doom - deform any Doom map!

    Yes. Nice analogy 😉 You probably *could*, but it wouldn't be nice. As was said before you would need to recalculate a lot of internal stuff every frame. Expect horrible performance. 😜