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  1. BorderDoom v1.2 released! Changelog: - new game mode: "preset" (enemies get stronger with each map) - show ammo count in inventory screen - reduced enemy health: -25% for Baron of Hell and Pain Elemental, -33% for Spider Mastermind and Cyberdemon - only compare weapon pickup stats when having the same weapon type selected - fixed player shield having wrong shield points when entering a map - fixed shield recharge with higher level shields - smaller bugfixes Game mode selection: Updated inventory screen:
  2. Hey there.
    I just played through your mapset Kuchitsu and had fun.

    Thanks for making it! 🙂

  3. BorderDoom 1.1 released! See first post for download and changelog.
  4. Sunbeam

    Deformed Doom - deform any Doom map!

    In theory: Yes. But it only works with rather short lines and ways that consist of many vertices. If you have a long line with only two vertices the whole line will move but it won't look nice. So you would still have to put in some work. What is really needed to make that possible is the ability to create vertices on the fly. Unfortunately that is impossible right now.
  5. Sunbeam

    Deformed Doom - deform any Doom map!

    Haha yes, that seems about right. 😁 It would be possible I think, but would it really help? 😛
  6. Sunbeam

    Deformed Doom - deform any Doom map!

    Yes. Nice analogy 😉 You probably *could*, but it wouldn't be nice. As was said before you would need to recalculate a lot of internal stuff every frame. Expect horrible performance. 😜
  7. Sunbeam

    Deformed Doom - deform any Doom map!

    Thanks for your kind words! 😊 Good to see you guys are having fun! 👍 "Pics or didn't happen." 😉 I used some console commands to automate screenshot taking. I then edited the images into videos for "the full effect". 😉 Unfortunately yes, platforming sections can become a problem depending on settings... I thought about naming it "Twisted Doom"... 😉 I want to quote Caligari87 from the ZDoom forums: Yes! And it should (theoretically) work with any Doom, Heretic or Hexen map. Or even most other mods out there. 👍 Unfortunately no, you need at least GZDoom 4.3.x.
  8. Hello everyone! Deformed Doom is a mod that lets you deform any Doom map. The mod adds an options menu where you can change HOW the map gets deformed. With this mod you can give your favourite maps a new look and make them "feel" different. Some examples can be seen in the video! DOWNLOAD: Video: Have fun with it! I'm looking forward to seeing some cool images. 😊 Requires GZDoom 4.3 or newer. NOTE: The mod deforms a map only ONCE per map start. The motion effect in the video was only used to show many different possibilities. Join the Sunbeam Discord for discussion and feedback! https://discord.gg/K9AeByXyMu
  9. Sunbeam

    Hexen: Walpurgis- 0.92 (For Doom, Heretic, Hexen)

    Hey! This looks cool. I can tell that you've put quite some work into this. I really like the "fire spiral" attack! From a gameplay perspective it looks like the weapons may be a bit overpowered, but that may be the wanted effect.
  10. Sunbeam

    Doom Bot / AI by Sunbeam

    That should be interesting. Thanks! Nope, it's completely local for now.
  11. Sunbeam

    Doom Bot / AI by Sunbeam

    The main problem on MAP29 seems to be the very narrow stairs on the side of the map. Sometimes the bot gets it, sometimes not... MAP24 also has some problems. Still needs investigation. 😁 It's all implemented in the engine, so it's written in C++. There are several rules to generate waypoints. The most important one is to create waypoints on connected lines that have a concave angle (which basically means the bot needs to turn around when moving). edit: And yes, it uses an implementation of A*. 😉
  12. Sunbeam

    Doom Bot / AI by Sunbeam

    Thank you all! 😊 Yes, something like this could be implemented. It would be nothing more than ordering the bot to all sectors that are marked as secret. Interesting! This is also an interesting idea! I haven't thought of this before. Actually I wouldn't say the bot is that performant - whenever I tell it to go to the exit it takes quite some time until a path is calculated. Unoptimized! 😁 There is still a lot of work to be done before I can call it "complete". But thanks! There is a decent amount of levels where the bot can NOT find a valid way to the exit. But I can give it a try. Do you have any suggestions for complex maps? Everything that is normal Doom (not ZDoom specific) should be okay.
  13. Sunbeam

    Doom Bot / AI by Sunbeam

    Hey everybody! I've worked on a new Doom bot project for quite some time. Please take a look and tell me what you think of it! 😊 Have a good day! Join the Sunbeam Discord for discussion and feedback! https://discord.gg/K9AeByXyMu
  14. So a full week has passed and the mod got more downloads. Do any more people want to comment on this? What's the highest level you got?