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  1. I'm sorry to hear this. Obviously this is a matter of taste. Since I liked Borderlands and that game had this as well it wasn't a problem for me.
  2. BorderDoom 1.0 released! See first post for download.
  3. Update: A gameplay video of map 1 to 3 of Doom 2 with BorderDoom. (see first post) The mod will be released on 18.10.!
  4. Thank you guys for your feedback! 😊 I just made a new video using the Demon Staff on Nuts2.wad. Please see the first post!
  5. I did not know about this "rule". Where did you read that? Thank you. 😊 There are still some things left to do like testing and balancing. But other than that I think that a release in a couple of weeks seems realistic. 👍
  6. Hi guys! I just uploaded a new video with an overview of the mod's new gameplay features. Have fun! 😊
  7. Hello everyone! This is BorderDoom, a mod for Doom which adds Borderlands gameplay elements to Doom. The main ideas for this mod are: weapons with random properties including: damage, number of bullets fired, firing speed and accuracy shields that recharge when not being attacked players and monsters have levels which make them stronger DOWNLOAD HERE: Release trailer: Additional information ------------------------- Here is a video that shows some of the weapon types in the mod: And in this video you can see an overview of the gameplay features of the mod: BorderDoom Demon Staff vs Nuts2.wad: Playthrough of map 1 to 5 from Doom 2: ----- Some more information (and an older gameplay video) can be found on the ZDoom forums: Thread on ZDoom forums