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  1. thewormofautumn

    Stream soon.

    Makes sense. Very ham-fisted IMO, but I can see your point. You could argue though, that the original's lack of story (yeah it had one, but it was barely there) was what drove the gameplay.
  2. thewormofautumn

    Stream soon.

    I’m not arguing the merits of it. Good/bad that’s a seperate discussion (which by the way, I happen to agree with Shaviro’s post above especially for Eternal) Im calling out the hypocrisy of raging on Star Wars for changing the source material and then going and doing the same thing in DOOM. how it turns out is down to opinion, but it’s still based on changing the backstory 180degrees. seriously, what does this have to do with the original DOOM
  3. thewormofautumn

    Stream soon.

    In the Q&A, Hugo's answer regarding not messing with the source material and referencing Star Wars is a crock of shit. Not saying what he says is incorrect at a high level, but DOOM 2016 is, story wise, super different from the original DOOMs. That guy was a Marine. A normal human being. Just a grunt, that took down Hell. This one is a Slayer with backstory in a fantasy inspired world. They are absolutely messing with the source material. Not saying the new games are bad, but it's a bit rich for him to get high and might about respecting the source material when they've almost retconned everything.
  4. Survival horror DLC would be amazing! Sign me up
  5. thewormofautumn

    Slayer's Club giveaways

    So.much.lore no idea where to start. These are awesome US only?
  6. thewormofautumn

    Mouse + Keyboard Support

    For Xbox, please. I'll be playing on Xbox and PC both, but I just want to play the Xbox version with M&K. Might not be for everyone, but give us the option.
  7. thewormofautumn

    Mouse + Keyboard Support

    See the first post again.
  8. I still think it's (Eternal monologue) not directed at the Slayer at all. I think it's Deag Grav talking to the Betrayer and it's a red-herring from id.
  9. thewormofautumn

    For Those Questioning Eternal's UI, Art Direction

    Is the game faster than the previous one? If not, then I don't agree with the change. Giant floating weapons, giant health vials, giant radiation suits, no thanks. It's the only thing about the game I'm not keen on at all.
  10. thewormofautumn

    Mouse + Keyboard Support

    Yep I'd just like it officially supported. From what I hear, it's quite a simple thing to add (relatively) in development.
  11. thewormofautumn

    Quake dev says Doom Eternal Hands on at Quakecon London

    Damn. I fly out of London on the 26th....
  12. thewormofautumn

    Doom Eternal E3 2019 Interview

    curious how they say Sentinel home world. I thought that was Argent D'Nur… So the Night Sentinels are not native to AD?
  13. thewormofautumn

    Eternal takes place in id multiverse?

    There are hints of the id-verse in Rage 2. Plus the Authority are almost the Strogg anyway.
  14. thewormofautumn

    My take on some of Doom Eternal's lore shown so far.

    I've a different take. I don't think the original "rip and tear" voice and the new voice are the same. I think they are different characters. They also sound slightly different in timbre. I think the new voice is actually someone speaking TO the person that turns into the Marauder (king of Argent D'Nur?). I think it's a demonic voice telling him not to interfere in the invasion (my gut is telling me it's Deag Grav talking to the Betrayer) "They are no longer your people to save" could also be taken to mean the king has given up the right to his people after betraying them to save his son. If it's not the king it could still be the Betrayer, as the Sentinels were protectors of the people of Argent, so he would also be giving up on "his people". The only part I reckon that is directed at the Slayer is "why are you here" at the beginning