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  1. thewormofautumn

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Davoth isn’t the “G”od of this universe. Martin already implied there are others. And the World Spear is the first hint
  2. thewormofautumn

    More Master Levels

    Mars Core was a fun map. Very excited to see a Master Level based on it
  3. thewormofautumn

    [Plot hole?] Did Earth get invaded twice...?

    Yeah it’s confusing. Hugo once said it’s not a multiverse, then said he might have a different definition on multiverse https://www.reddit.com/r/Doom/comments/jf1l3c/comment/g9hvef4/ so who knows
  4. thewormofautumn

    What did you think about Doom 2016/ Doom Eternal?

    Holy crap I didn’t know that.... haha wow
  5. thewormofautumn


  6. thewormofautumn

    Recent(ish) interviews with Hugo Martin about Eternal

    Man, Hugo comes across as a dude you just want to have a beer with
  7. Doomworld’s small size is what saves it from being like the other sites. Thank your lucky stars for that. it’s not a Doom phenomenon, it’s a scale problem. Once you have a large enough mass of people, a group of them will gravitate towards and idea and protect that idea at all costs because they tie their identity to it....and then that idea begins to infect all around it. Just like everything else in life. Religion, sports clubs, computer hardware, politics. It’s humans being humans.
  8. thewormofautumn

    I think this artist had an influence on Doom Eternal's art direction

    Cool artist. Reminds me of the great Beksinski
  9. thewormofautumn

    Why BattleMode imo was destined to fail ( please read description )

    Holy wall of text, Batman. paragraphs!!!
  10. thewormofautumn

    There is plenty of story left for a new Doom game

    Nice. That actually puts my mind at rest.... I like it when people own up to mistakes and are honest about where they dropped the ball. cool with me. I still have questions but now I know the answers are just because they didn’t think everything through clearly enough
  11. thewormofautumn

    There is plenty of story left for a new Doom game

    But I do also want to know why the Dark Lord was such a C U Next Tuesday. I mean he wanted what was best for his people. He was a god. Had his toys taken away then did everything possible to torture beings to death and beyond across all the dimensions. Even complete innocents.... People who had no idea about what had happened. Why? They should have called him Edge Lord
  12. thewormofautumn

    There is plenty of story left for a new Doom game

    Just give me more horror in the next game, please. not body horror/torture. That’s boring. Give me Cosmic level Lovecraftian shit. I want to be a gibbering mess when done
  13. thewormofautumn

    doom eternal positivity tread

    ripper. Ta for the vids.
  14. thewormofautumn

    doom eternal positivity tread

    Care to share?
  15. thewormofautumn

    doom eternal positivity tread

    Meathook, glory kills, ice bomb, triple rocket blast, beast of a chain gun, weapon mods, enemy weak points, double dash, in air control, verticality of combat These are the things I like about New Doom (not all apply to 2016 obviously)
  16. thewormofautumn

    Did the Slayer become Doomguy again? [Spoilers]

    Grammar check... "reverted back" should just be reverted :) They mean the same thing. Same with "reverse back" or "exactly the same". okay, carry on as normal... :)
  17. thewormofautumn

    Did the Slayer become Doomguy again? [Spoilers]

    Thanks for that. Very interesting. So I guess the story continues, like a Matryoshka doll, we just keep fighting what's bigger and badder
  18. thewormofautumn

    Did the Slayer become Doomguy again? [Spoilers]

    Man those streams are long. Can you link to where he said it?
  19. thewormofautumn

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I don’t think being “bad” is horror. Well, not to me. Horror is a specific genre with specific characteristics. None of which are in Doom
  20. thewormofautumn

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Of course. It’s an opinion, that’s what opinions are
  21. thewormofautumn

    I thought that this game was supposed to be skill-based...

    This x 1million the series became too restrictive
  22. thewormofautumn

    New Doom soundtracks

    yeah the soundtrack in TAG2 was great
  23. thewormofautumn

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I can't answer for others, but I never said it was bad for DOOM. I'm more concerned about games trying to do too much. Jack of all trades and master of none... Robots take away the horror aspect, unless it's done like SOMA. Intra-combat platforming is fine, but I don't enjoy the platforming in between Arenas. Using the meet-hook to swing through the Arena is fun. Grabbing yellow sticks that don't fit into the world feels weird. Giant flaming swinging bars I still laugh at.
  24. My bigger questions are (and I have lots of smaller ones) - If Davoth is the uber creator, how does he get stuck in a realm? Like he's supposed to be lord of all, but gets locked inside one of his house whilst his kids run around outside ruling the world. - if Davoth loved his creations so much, what's with demonology and torturing wanting to "bathe in blood" and generally trying to inflict pain on everyone, including those that didn't hurt him or know anything - Why didn't Davoth recruit the Slayer... explain a few things, show him he's boss, then say let's take back Creation - Why isn't all of Hell technologically advanced? Good stories answer questions and also leave questions unanswered. That's fine. But this story doesn't even bother answering any of the questions it asks. Everything is unanswered.
  25. thewormofautumn

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    I haven't seen anyone hate him on this forum, anyway. No idea about the cesspool that is Reddit and Twitter can die in a fire (there's some real hate right there). But nothing wrong with calling out the mistakes we think he's made.