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Everything posted by thewormofautumn

  1. thewormofautumn

    The Art Of Doom Eternal (Book)

    Yes. Get a Kindle copy
  2. thewormofautumn

    Distillery partners with Bethesda to release Doom Vodka

    I want DOOM coffee
  3. thewormofautumn

    New interview from Quakecon 2019

    Lol Hugo said SFA during that. Nice interview though. Skipped the MP bits because I ain’t interested in MP but the rest was good
  4. thewormofautumn

    Quake single player lives on in DOOM (An observation)

    There is a lightning gun... in multiplayer :) otherwise, good post i would like to see standalone Quake games though. Or a Quake/Heretic-Hexen hybrid. I think they mythos there is as good as DOOM with scope for it to be even better.
  5. Image doesn’t load for me on my phone... direct link?
  6. thewormofautumn

    Known Bestiary

    The truth. plus yep, tentacle commandos were one of the best DOOM enemies ever. Utterly savage, unrelenting and their voices always gave me chills.
  7. thewormofautumn

    Doom Eternal: Official Stadia Trailer

    Significant understatement. That dude is terrible. Using a controller is no excuse... he stands in spot hiding behind cover expecting to heal. someone didn’t brief him about DOOM beforehand
  8. thewormofautumn

    Mecha in Doom Eternal

    Holy crap I never even saw those. Awesome spot
  9. thewormofautumn

    Angel name revealed.

    Spawned by demons? nah I don’t think so. It’s interesting that it has a brain in a case. Definitely drone material. Maybe they enslave planets and capture subjects to be turned into these drones. Or this faction is a transhumanist one.
  10. thewormofautumn

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Meh. If I want multiplayer I’ll play a game designed for multiplayer as it’s sole purpose. Just as MP games that try and add on a SP component usually fail, for me DOOM is all about the campaign
  11. thewormofautumn

    Tower of babel artwork

    Huh? In the story, God simply made everyone speak different languages and he scattered them over the earth. AFAIK there is no Hell in the Old Testament
  12. thewormofautumn

    Doom-Slayer HUB ideas

  13. thewormofautumn

    My feelings on DOOM Eternal in London

    Give me the option to use less intrusive power ups on the map and I’m happy. A toggle in the menu will be fine. also the ability to remove 1ups or they might as well give green and red mushrooms and fire flowers to complete the arc.
  14. thewormofautumn

    Sentinel Prime might be the main hub for Doom Eternal

    Sounds like the Marauders are the corrupted versions of the Sentinels after Hell won. We saw their spirits in 2016 helping the Slayer in Hell but their bodies have been claimed by Hell and twisted into the Marauders.
  15. thewormofautumn

    My feelings on DOOM Eternal in London

    The coins, question marks, 1 ups, health vials are my biggest gripe with this game (I haven’t played the demo, to be transparent). The feel of DOOM (2016) is gone and I keep expecting to hear Nintendo sounds when you collect those power ups. i think you summed it up perfectly in saying these kiddy things (my bit) lessen the threat of the Slayer at a meta level.
  16. thewormofautumn

    Doom Eternal is the Biblical Apocalypse

    My fav artist. If I didn’t have young kids I’d have his pictures on my walls
  17. thewormofautumn

    Stream soon.

    Makes sense. Very ham-fisted IMO, but I can see your point. You could argue though, that the original's lack of story (yeah it had one, but it was barely there) was what drove the gameplay.
  18. thewormofautumn

    Stream soon.

    I’m not arguing the merits of it. Good/bad that’s a seperate discussion (which by the way, I happen to agree with Shaviro’s post above especially for Eternal) Im calling out the hypocrisy of raging on Star Wars for changing the source material and then going and doing the same thing in DOOM. how it turns out is down to opinion, but it’s still based on changing the backstory 180degrees. seriously, what does this have to do with the original DOOM
  19. thewormofautumn

    Stream soon.

    In the Q&A, Hugo's answer regarding not messing with the source material and referencing Star Wars is a crock of shit. Not saying what he says is incorrect at a high level, but DOOM 2016 is, story wise, super different from the original DOOMs. That guy was a Marine. A normal human being. Just a grunt, that took down Hell. This one is a Slayer with backstory in a fantasy inspired world. They are absolutely messing with the source material. Not saying the new games are bad, but it's a bit rich for him to get high and might about respecting the source material when they've almost retconned everything.
  20. Survival horror DLC would be amazing! Sign me up
  21. thewormofautumn

    Slayer's Club giveaways

    So.much.lore no idea where to start. These are awesome US only?
  22. thewormofautumn

    Mouse + Keyboard Support

    For Xbox, please. I'll be playing on Xbox and PC both, but I just want to play the Xbox version with M&K. Might not be for everyone, but give us the option.
  23. thewormofautumn

    Mouse + Keyboard Support

    See the first post again.
  24. I still think it's (Eternal monologue) not directed at the Slayer at all. I think it's Deag Grav talking to the Betrayer and it's a red-herring from id.
  25. thewormofautumn

    For Those Questioning Eternal's UI, Art Direction

    Is the game faster than the previous one? If not, then I don't agree with the change. Giant floating weapons, giant health vials, giant radiation suits, no thanks. It's the only thing about the game I'm not keen on at all.