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  1. Iacobus

    Bloody Knuckles - My first map

    Visually, the map feels cohesive and moody, the brightness levels help bringing together all the texture variation, the walls have nice varied shapes, it's just the ceiling that needs a little more love. I think it's harder to come up with something simple and effective and you're definitely on the right track here. Oh, I missed the chaingun secret both times, that changes things a little bit. If anything I would make the Plasma Rifle more secretive (maybe hidden in the room with the Hell Knights?) and the Chaingun secret more obvious, but there's really nothing wrong with it the way it is. The map has a good balance, it was more an observation/feedback on the last room. It might be on my end, but I found a HOM in this wooden lift, playing again and trying to find the early Chaingun. I'm using the last version of GZDoom.
  2. Iacobus

    Bloody Knuckles - My first map

    Really enjoyable and engaging. Had on my toes from start to finish and every encounter felt meaningful. Ambushes are fair and give you enough time to react and ammo/health is thight enough just to keep you alive and fighting. Layout is intuitive and well interconnected. I have not much to add to what @Simomarchi already said. Regarding the geometry, I think you could easily improve the visual appeal just by playing around with the ceiling height a little more, it felt a bit flat all throughout. As much as I love the plasma rifle and it was a life saving on my first playthrough, I think it's a little OP for UV, it completely annihilates within seconds the 2 Revenants and the Baron in the last room once you know it's comming, leaving just the Cacos to be dealth with. I would switch it for the chaingun, at least in UV.
  3. Iacobus

    Map Unwanted Consequences (release)

    The file I uploaded to idgames got rejected for containing unmodified resources. I've cleaned the WAD and will give it another try but I'd really appreciate if someone with more experience can check the file and see if it's good to go this time. Here's the content of the WAD. All Graphic and Music files were modified although it still has the original name:
  4. Iacobus

    Map Unwanted Consequences (release)

    I was watching the stream at the time but didn't want to comment to have a fair assessment of the map! Most of the frustration factors (amount of hitscanners, double Pain elementals, Archivilles, sheer amount of enemies) aren't present in HMP. Normal mode plays like a regular UV, while Hard has ammo starvation and tactical approach incorporated into the gameplay, that's the main reason why I set 2 difficulties for the level, but I'm glad you played in UV because there's where I really want to find a tight balance between monster/health/ammo and the playthrough was really helpful for that matter. Here are a few things I plan on changing after watching you play: * Rearrange health to make it available a little sooner; * Make more clear the objective in the final room; * Fix the wonky fight with the cyberdemon and make the room more secretive to not disturb the rest of the flow (hint the player that's optional); * For fixing the monster block I'll need to find the script for monster spawning and how to implement it. * Just noticed how crappy that midi sounds on general midi. I forgot I had a soundfont loaded when I was searching for one! Thanks a lot for the playthrough and keep up the good work!
  5. Iacobus

    Map Unwanted Consequences (release)

    Thanks a lot! The version you played had a lift in the slime pool area? I had just uploaded an update few minutes before you posted and I had fixed a lot of things, including monster spawn in HMP so hoppefully it's been fixed already. Yeah, the Plasma Rifle is my favorite! It's a shame it's barely given to the player in single maps, at least in my experience. I'm new to DoomBuilder and I'm still messing around with it, but the tendency with time will be to build more cohesive layouts with decos that don't stick out that much. I'm still figuring out a style to go for.
  6. Iacobus

    Map Unwanted Consequences (release)

    Thanks for the feedback! Initially the area to the right with the "Imp clonning machines" was supposed to loop back there, but I liked the hub idea better and I was left with an entrance leading to nowhere. Instead of deleting it I decided to work the switches gimmick I had in mind at the time and made that area optional. I could've put the blue card there but I think it worked better as a pay off for the previous area instead of forcing the player to there. If I were to put it in a episode, that would lead to a secret exit. As it is, the only purposes are getting the BFG and offering an extra challenge if you're going for 100% kills. The jump skip was left intentionally, to offer a different route for those paying attention to the layout. I love trying to find ways of sequence breaking games and that's something I like to incorporate in the design, specially when it happens organically.
  7. Iacobus

    Map Unwanted Consequences (release)

    Thanks, very helpful feedback! In what part did the difficulty drop exactly ? Was it before or after the Rocket Launcher? You played on UV I assume? I left some extra rocket/cell/health pickups for playtesting purposes but those need to be fine tuned for the release version. The BFG is just a spoil for visiting an optional area, making the final stretch easier . I might need to rework enemy placement around the bosses if it's too easy but the bosses themselves are meant to be easily killed once you have the means to, the hard part should be getting to it. *Thanks Tango and elend!
  8. This is a short and fast paced map, somewhat linear but the order and side you enter each room can drasticaly change the outcome of the gameplay. I recommend HARD for the first run to learn the layout before trying INSANE, which has more monsters and less ammo and health. It is my first map for Doom although I've been mapping for other games before. I'm more familiar with deathmatch layouts and this influence can be seen here. It's far from a "by the book" type of level and more the result of experimentation and my own design biases from other games. Only recently I've been playing WADs made by the community so no similarity in gameplay should be expected here yet. I want to move on to other projects so I'll be only coming back to it for possible bugfixing. I'm also planning to make a deathmatch version for this map, but I need to work on its connectivity and item placement. If you have any suggestions regarding DM please feel free to share. Unwanted Consequences What is included New Sounds : No New Graphics : Yes New Music : Yes Play Information Name : Unwanted Consequences Version : 1.0 IWAD : Doom2 Format : Doom 2 Map # : MAP01 Single Player : Yes Coop 4 Player : Yes Deathmatch : No Difficulty Settings : Yes Mouse look : Yes Jump/Crouch : No Tested With : GZDoom, Zdoom, PrBoom (secret linedefs won't work on PrBoom) Additional info in the README. Thanks in advance and if you find any bug please let me know! Screenshots: