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  1. Might be the same one you're talking about, it's in a computer/server room with some Shotgunners and Revenants, directly up from the Cyberdemon on the automap. Finished the last map, was a really neat finish to the mapset with a boss battle that spices things up a little. Big sucker for music, and the music used in these maps was also super awesome. Good blend of action and atmosphere. The magazines as secrets was a nice touch (couldn't clear the Way Too Many Revenants one in Map5). Looking forward to the next mapset releases!
  2. Mostly really good, great use of textures and world-building. Stuff like the shiny floors and reverb caverns are a great touch. Varies from map to map, but some of them are way too low on health but absolutely jam-packed with ammo. Some switches and buttons are also really hard to discern, I spent a good 40 minutes trying to find an obscure but nessecary button in Map05 There's also one really annoying secret in Map3 where you take a teleporter to a secret zone, and then get teleported back out at the end of it, but the destination teleporter exit is facing towards the secret teleporter entrance, so you are highly likely to run back into it and have to traverse back. Just need to flip the exit around the other way. Up to Spooky Panties now. Not a phrase I thought I'd write, but that's how Remilla rolls, hahaha.
  3. Going to start this a bit later today. I have my own Doom3 sounds mod I made after ROE came out so it will fit in very well here. Did a quick test run and found a fence in map1 that isn't tagged for collision, just after the MegaArmor secret at the start.
  4. Did a quick test of the mod, holy moly it's good. Looking forward to the rest of the weapon upgrades getting finished. The Druid bow is something else though. Slows down time and mutes the music? Might be a little janky and stuttery but damn it works well. Very clever stuff! Mad props for getting it working across three games though, maybe I'll actually play through and finish Heretic for once, haha.
  5. DarkQuill

    Doom RPG Reverse Engineering Project

    Only even played Doom2 RPG on a shonky Nokia emulator, so this would be pretty cool to play. Great stuff so far!
  6. Looking forward to going through the new Map20. Congrats on the full release!
  7. Byadaful. Loving these updates. Something I didn't pick up on before was the way the pistol casings appear to eject from the side of your face, hahaha.
  8. Tested with GZDoom g4.1.3, no other mods/maps. - Pain Elementals don't seem to attack at all - The shotgun is always firing/reloading fast at all levels of HP These work as intended in ParadiseV2 on the same version number.
  9. DarkQuill

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    This is nuts. The only thing I can think to pick out is the dissonance between the direct-rip high quality sounds and the ones that have been put through the Doom filter. I will overlook the Doom3 sounds snuck in there, haha. But this is fantastic, very well done. Do you happen to have a track list of the music used?
  10. DarkQuill

    Help replacing floor/roof textures

    Ahh, perfect. Thank you!
  11. Hullo. I'm trying to make a texture replacement wad, but all the floor/roof textures I chuck into my wad come up as a warped mess. https://imgur.com/qG9un6G I've added F_START and F_END markers to my wad file, but I'm not sure what else needs to be done. These will be replacing some default textures. Wall textures I import are working fine. If it makes a difference, I use both SLADE and XWE for editing. Help would be much appreciated. Thank you.