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  1. Played through the first two maps so far, really great stuff. Earth/Jungle levels give a bit of a Turok vibe, and it's really good. The music is nuts, it's the kind of stuff you'd get from later UT2004 maps. Big fan of the ground-level fog effects too. The intro bit when starting a new game could use a skip function, even if its only through the console. Don't need to sit through that every time you start a new game.
  2. But what about playing Doom through Doom Eternal? :p I jest. Good stuff as always~
  3. Ah okay. I ask only because I bought D!Zone Gold in-box off the shelf in Australia back in the 90s, but had never seen any of the others in the D!Zone or H!Zone series.
  4. There are a few gems of maps I got out of D!Zone Gold. But after going through at least a thousand of them to find them unfinished or multiplayer maps labelled incorrectly, it was a sad moment. At least the HTP and PG demos were fun. Article says DZ was released exclusively in the US, was that meant to be for just the first one or others as well?
  5. DarkQuill

    The Plutonium Experiment (BETA)

    Exit elevator in map07 has a missing back texture. The bit in map08 where you drop into the dark brown room can get stuck if playing with unlimited actor height, since enemies will crowd and block you from falling down. The current last level has a section where some of the enemies are unreachable. The majority of enemies all wake up on sound instead of a mix of sound and sight, so shooting one zombie through a doorway will wake a pack of Revenants and have them all clump up frequently. There's very little armor available, I think the only bit was the one Megasphere secret in map02 or 03. Shell ammo in general is a bit too aplenty. The maps are a little short, but they fit a lot of the quick and speedy themes of Plutonia, so it's neat. Once the maps are more fleshed out, I can see this being a neat little Plutonia spinoff.
  6. DarkQuill

    Doom Bady Translated

    You have a car! Great stuff~
  7. DarkQuill

    The Plutonium Experiment (BETA)

    Just a quick sanity check, please don't be offended, but is this supposed to be a joke wad?
  8. DarkQuill

    The Plutonium Experiment (BETA)

    Should also mention that it requires Plutonia as the base iwad :p
  9. DarkQuill

    Fractured Worlds [Final Release/Idgames]

    Maps look nice so far, not a fan of the dumb Cyberdemon corridor in map02. At least it was short. Got to the bit after it, but it devolved into "hold down the BFG button". I'm not playing any further. Infight simulators are another awful trend that I hope dies out, and holding down BFG has never been satisfying. I'm sure the other maps are good, and I can tell effort and thought have been put into these, but for me these two gameplay styles are not just frustrating, but boring. Having them back-to-back was the last straw. Hope everyone else enjoys it.
  10. DarkQuill


    Just finished the last handful of levels off today. Holy moly that was awesome. Great use of custom textures and sprites, good music selection, a lot of interactivity with the world itself, and super fun overall. The Arcade Machine secret was hilarious. Absolute pleasure to play through.
  11. DarkQuill


    Played a few maps so far, it's awesome. Though I feel like I'm supposed to have some kind of PSX Doom "random colour sectors" mod running as well, haha. Is there a readme somewhere with the list of music tracks? Some of these are super familiar to me and I can't put my finger on it.
  12. DarkQuill

    [GZDoom] WMC01: The Rising

    Might be the same one you're talking about, it's in a computer/server room with some Shotgunners and Revenants, directly up from the Cyberdemon on the automap. Finished the last map, was a really neat finish to the mapset with a boss battle that spices things up a little. Big sucker for music, and the music used in these maps was also super awesome. Good blend of action and atmosphere. The magazines as secrets was a nice touch (couldn't clear the Way Too Many Revenants one in Map5). Looking forward to the next mapset releases!
  13. DarkQuill

    [GZDoom] WMC01: The Rising

    Mostly really good, great use of textures and world-building. Stuff like the shiny floors and reverb caverns are a great touch. Varies from map to map, but some of them are way too low on health but absolutely jam-packed with ammo. Some switches and buttons are also really hard to discern, I spent a good 40 minutes trying to find an obscure but nessecary button in Map05 There's also one really annoying secret in Map3 where you take a teleporter to a secret zone, and then get teleported back out at the end of it, but the destination teleporter exit is facing towards the secret teleporter entrance, so you are highly likely to run back into it and have to traverse back. Just need to flip the exit around the other way. Up to Spooky Panties now. Not a phrase I thought I'd write, but that's how Remilia rolls, hahaha.
  14. DarkQuill

    [GZDoom] WMC01: The Rising

    Going to start this a bit later today. I have my own Doom3 sounds mod I made after ROE came out so it will fit in very well here. Did a quick test run and found a fence in map1 that isn't tagged for collision, just after the MegaArmor secret at the start.
  15. Did a quick test of the mod, holy moly it's good. Looking forward to the rest of the weapon upgrades getting finished. The Druid bow is something else though. Slows down time and mutes the music? Might be a little janky and stuttery but damn it works well. Very clever stuff! Mad props for getting it working across three games though, maybe I'll actually play through and finish Heretic for once, haha.