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  1. Mystic 256

    Exploits You Love/Hate?

    Archvile Jumps are my favorite
  2. Mystic 256

    Origin of the OOF

    I thought was the old minecraft damage sound that started it
  3. Mystic 256

    The big SIGIL poll

    My favorite level is E5M4 because i really like the path choice gimmick E5M6 is a close tie, i like that level a lot too My favorite song is "Romero One Mind Any Weapon" I think Sigil is a decent wad. I think my only issue with Sigil overall is its way too cramped in some areas... If there was a bit more space and openess i kinda would of liked it even more
  4. Mystic 256

    Doom map tropes you love & hate

    Likes: Looping map flows and revisiting areas, Sector Furniture, Verticality and Height Transitions, Gap Crossings (like the ones at the start of E4M2 as an example), Lots of Secrets and Optional Areas, Teasing Keys before you get them like for example seen through a window, Background Scenery (like the factory seen in the background of map01 of Valiant), Multiple choice Keys where can get the keys in any order and use them on set of doors in a row or one door, ... there are a lot of things I like Dislikes: maps that start you facing right up against a door or switch very closely (i just think its uninteresting), the brown mud liquid as damaging floor, The Obligatory Icon of Sin variation on map 30 of almost every Megawad,
  5. Mystic 256

    Your Favourite Doom title ?

    Plutonia is my favorite
  6. Mystic 256

    Maximum Doom Level Order

    The proper order of Maximum Doom is to just play them all in alphabetical order live on twitch and name the series "The Great Shovelware Extravaganza"
  7. Mystic 256

    Doom's charm...

    I found out about doom in mid 00s when my dad brought home a cd containing doom and showed to me and let me play (i was only 11 back then) I found it difficult at first but I was hooked and would play it after school on the windows xp computer He also later bought me a collection CD with Doom, Doom 2, TNT, and Plutonia on it for my birthday i think and that's how I got into doom. and i still play doom to this day as a 23 year old. I really love the fast paced gameplay, the variety of unique demons to face, and the variety of weapons to slay those demons with, maps with many paths and secrets... there are even entire secret levels which are cool. Doom music actually made me interested in midis more than metal personally (though i do love power metal, speed metal, and thrash metal) Midis have a unique sound and charm to them. I actually love the graphics even though they are simple, doom textures and sprites seems to have alot more color and noticability than modern fps games, its alot easier to tell what is what which is something modern fps seem to not often have being way too cluttered with shading and detail and a muted pallete Doom modding and Doom wads is another reason doom is so amazing, Its the most moddable game ever made in history of video gaming. some mods even like adventures of square and sonic robo blast 2 look like entirely different games from doom. There are tons of content being produced for it, you will never run out new stuff to play. doom modding / wad making is also very easy to learn especially nowadays with out better tools and developed community. Doom is one of the few games/game series I always keep coming back to, and probably will play eternally because its so great. (the only other games/series I can think of right now that I often come back to is Minecraft) I hope doom and the doom community last forever.
  8. Mystic 256

    Monster you find the hardest/easiest to use effectively?

    The Wolfenstein SS is hard to use simply because it really only fits in Wolfenstein Themed levels They look out of place in Normal Doomlike Levels I wonder there is a sprite and sound replacement to reskin it as a zombie type enemy so they could be used in Doomy levels My Favorite Enemies to use are Archviles and Revenants because I like their attacks and mechanics
  9. Mystic 256

    My gripes with Doom II

    Out of all 4 main iwads (ultimate doom, doom 2, tnt and plutonia), Doom 2 is my least favorite but yet I still find it to be pretty great. visually its the least appealing of the 4 main iwads... but its still fun and enjoyable to me gameplay wise. and it has a lot of nostalgic and memorable levels. Id say my favorite levels are inmost dens, living end, and the citadel. but my least favorite level is nirvana. Doom 2 also did bring us a lot of great things that are always used in wads to this day... the new monsters (the archviles and revenants being my favorites) and the new ssg weapon and some of the new textures and probably a bunch of other things. I don't think doom wads would be the same without the stuff doom 2 brought us. maybe Doom 2 could of used bosses like how doom 1 had but then again tnt, plutonia, and dozens of megawads out there could use bosses. (which is why if I make a megawad I'm gonna put bosses in it :3)
  10. Mystic 256

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    heres some random ideas off the top of my head... - a ape escape like doom wad where u capture daisy bunnies with a net while killing demons and u get new weapons/gadgets to reach daisy bunnies in past levels you missed - H-Pokedoom H Doom but with sexy pokemon instead of sexy demons - Pacman in doom but pacman is a cacodemon and the ghosts are doom marines with differant colored armors - 32 levels that are all mazes that are 16384x16384 in size tied together with a cluster intermission hub thingy and function as one massive mazey map - a doom map inspired by quickman's stage from megaman thats about dodging turrets that shoot red instant kill plasma rifle projectiles - a doom wad with various maps where u have to deliver a pizza while killing demons but avoiding damage because it also damages the pizza and the music is pizza delivery theme from the spiderman 2 game on the ps2
  11. Mystic 256

    Does anyone actually play the easier difficulties?

    I personally play Ultra Violence and sometimes UV Fast unless it a wad i'm unfamiliar with or just want a chiller playthrough ill play on Hurt me Plenty in those cases I don't play Nightmare though because the hitscan enemies get way too annoying and respawn faster than any other monster, and it becomes frustrating. Recently, I do try my best to design my own wads with different difficulties in mind. On thing I'm experimenting with is tech pillars blocking paths on certain difficulties for variety between difficulty settings but also making sure the level is maxable on all difficulties.
  12. Mystic 256

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    - Microtransactions and Lootboxes - There are alot of good Ips/Franchises from the 90s and 00s that have either been forgotten about now or get really bad modern sequels or reboots - Mobile gaming, it sucks (handheld gaming is so much better) - Games that are extremely buggy and glitchy on release because game companies think its not how a game releases, its what it becomes if it ever does - the fear of a Streaming and Cloud only future - Clickbait gaming youtube videos and outrageous loud trendy wacky sounding gaming youtubers and streamers, they are cringing and pandering - Too much memes about gaming (too much memes about everything to be honest) Im kinda getting sick of memes all together especially in the late 10s, the quality of them has dropped a lot over the years - FPS games feel too slow nowadays, i miss the fast pace of 90s fps games - As a furry, I feel theres a lack of animal mascot games, they used to be really popular in 90s and early 00s and i liked them even if some were not very good gameplay wise... it just seems most videos games nowadays stick to human protagonists too much... a little variety could be good - games seem more often less moddable and less customizable nowadays - Exclusives (i know this has always been a thing but i don't like it) - DRM, Always Online, and Games as Service - alot games feels too easy and linear nowadays..... theres needs more challenge and explorativness - game music isnt as memorable or catchy as it used to be - game companies seems to favor graphics over gameplay nowdays
  13. Mystic 256

    Question about DOS Doom 2 Map 30

    the only thing crazy I remember happening on map30 when I was a kid was monsters spawning outside the map area when i nocliped outside the map area
  14. Mystic 256

    What would be your ideal doom movie?

    A gritty 1980s styled Anime OVA Doom Movie with a 80s metal soundtrack Violent, gorey, actiony and badass
  15. Mystic 256

    Your Top 5 Doom II maps

    My 5 favorite in no particular order are Monster Condo The Inmost Dens The Citadel Spirit World The Living End