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  1. Mystic 256

    Which Part Of A Doom II WAD are you in?

    I always thought of parts of Doom 2 like this Part 1A Map01-Map06 Part 1B Map07-Map11 Part 2A Map12-Map15 + Map31/32 Part 2B Map16-Map20 Part 3A Map21-Map24 Part 3B Map25-Map30
  2. Mystic 256

    Do you usually go for the secret levels?

    I love finding Secret Levels in games whether it be in Doom wads, Quake mods, Other retro/retro style FPSs and their Mods, SMW Romhacks, ect
  3. Scythe 2 Map30's Midi (Symphony X - Church of the Machine)
  4. Mystic 256

    What if there were no hitscanners?

    chaingunners make up the most of my deaths in doom So it would make things easier if there were no hitscanners, however hitscanners are an important part of the prioritization and combat loop of doom and it wouldn't be the same game without them
  5. Mystic 256

    Modern port features you feel "justified" to use

    as a mapper I would say MapInfos (UMapinfo/Mapinfo/EMapInfo/ZMapinfo) because It allows me to structure my wad the way I want
  6. Mystic 256

    Doomguy Mugshots Thread

    I was working on one a while back but I continue on it sometime
  7. Mystic 256


    Windows XP because that's what I had back when I was a kid
  8. I wasn't alive in 1993, I first played the original Doom when I was 10ish (in mid 00s) because my dad showed me the game and let me play it
  9. Mystic 256

    What is the purpose of the COMP_01 flat?

    I fixed it
  10. Mystic 256

    What is the purpose of the COMP_01 flat?

    COMP01 has the same issue CEIL1_1 has, its off center some of the flats in Doom/Doom 2 seem to be off center for some reason, I'm not sure why
  11. Mystic 256

    The 2021 Cacowards

    someday I hope to make it on the cacoawards 2021 was the year I've released more wads than any of the other of the 12+ years I've been mapping
  12. Mystic 256

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Tarnsman's Projectile Hell
  13. Mystic 256

    GZDoom Total Conversions

    Shadow of The Woolball Rise of The Woolball
  14. Mystic 256

    I think I broke Dead Simple

    i have had this happen before, its still possible to beat it without a rocket jump if it raises up twice, you just got strafe run on/across where those those metal platforms you lowered with the 4 switches were
  15. I would just pick 3 of my friends who have dabbled in mapping Foxtonnes, R3DBelmont456, and DogB01