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    Mystical purple fruit raccoon :3

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  1. I feel like I'm a little over halfway done maybe
  2. Mystic 256

    How do you go about completing huge, complex maps?

    I still have yet to make a large complex map, but I would like to try it someday
  3. Mystic 256

    Ripoff usernames

    ZeMystic256, Its a double ripoff, Its ripping off both My Username and ZeMystic's Username
  4. only a little bit more since last time, ill try to take some pics next time I post
  5. Time to get started then, drawing the first few sectors and stuff
  6. Mystic 256

    Funnest uses of the explodey barrels

    we need a barrels o fun community project
  7. Mystic 256

    What do you think is Doomguy's favorite wad is?

    random idea: someone should make a chao garden like doom mod but with bunnies
  8. Mystic 256

    Worst State in the United States

  9. Mystic 256

    Unity goes full Unity

    I wonder if this means they will have to replace the doom unity port with something else maybe nightdive could make a new port
  10. Mystic 256

    Can create own wad yes or no

    I can do it, I can do it 9 times or more
  11. Mystic 256

    so... putting actual music in wad.

    I think its fine, but if your wad is played by someone on youtube or streamed on twitch, the people playing it would either have to mute the music or risk being dmca'd by record companies though I imagine most video game music might be fine though, I've seen videos of wads with Mega Man X5 mp3s in them and they don't seem to get taken down or muted
  12. it would feature B.J. Blazkowicz as the main character fighting armies of demons brought out from hell by the Nazi's technology
  13. Mystic 256

    What music style fits doom the better?

    Doom to me has a 80s/90s Sci-Fi Fantasy Action Vibe probably a mix of Speed/Thrash/Power Metal and Electronic/Techno
  14. I don't think its ever been on a decline