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  1. ZealknightMR

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    The only subreddit I use is the Mario Maker reddit. I mainly use it to post my levels I created there. Somehow it's one of those rare subreddits that doesn't post a bunch a random memes. You either have redditors posting their levels, showing off a moment in competitive multiplayer mode, and occasional complaints they have with the game itself. I don't bother looking at the rest of reddit itself. I did look at the doom reddit a few times. I can easily see why people hate that place so much. I used to browse through the Nihon Falcom reddit, since I do like their games, but I stopped following it ever since it devolved into pointless memes and waifu wars.
  2. ZealknightMR

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    I can't lie, I was originally concerned about this growing pandemic, but now I've been feeling a lot of panic and anxiety growing within me. My mother works at a school, and she was given a noticed from them that there is a member in that building, who have been tested positive for the virus. This notice claims that this happened roughly 2 weeks ago, but she was just given this notice last Friday. The fact that they waited this long to inform her, and the rest of those that are required to still work there made me pissed beyond words. I still live with my parents, which means now there is a chance that we may all have this virus. Where we live, we can't get tested unless we are showing symptoms related to it. I'm not too concerned about myself getting this virus, but I'm FAR more worried about my parents, since both of them are in their 60s. My grandfather passed away last year. I do NOT want this year to be the death of my parents either!
  3. ZealknightMR

    Tormentor667. Care to explain why you plagiarised Epic 2?

    I realize that my words came out wrong yesterday. The reason I said this felt awkward to me was because I have played some of those maps in the past and enjoyed them. I felt pretty bad knowing that mappers, who put a lot of work into their projects, were emotionally hurt by this discovery and rightfully so. I don't want them to think that their hard working project has been soiled by this discovery. I am certainly not going to go out of my way and tell people not to play their projects because of this incident. I can only hope that this doesn't happen again. It's good that Torm has responded to this. I'm not sure how much I can truly believe his words. But, if Dragonfly is willing to accept his apology, than I can too. I'm just glad that this can end peacefully.
  4. ZealknightMR

    What are you doing to keep yourself busy?

    Glad to see another fan of Grim Dawn! Both expansions are a great addition to the game itself! The recent addition of monster totems gives another incentive to explore the world and dungeons. I'll have to try Path of Exile again in the future. For some reason, I always ran into issues trying to play it in the past. I did notice that it plays much better now than the last time I played it. (which was about 3 years ago). I'll definitely give PoE 2 a try. That gameplay video of it was awesome!
  5. ZealknightMR

    you can´t just shoot a hole into the surface of mars

    Lemmy is god!
  6. ZealknightMR

    Mick Gordon’s Club House

    I haven't heard any remixes of "Running from Evil", but The Arc Complex plays "Dark Halls" (E1M3 from DOOM) as a ambient theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNxneaHtStM
  7. ZealknightMR

    So I beat Eternal...(spoilers)

    1. The music overall is really great! The songs that plays in Nekravol are my favorites! Both those level were really awesome! 2. The final boss had me on edge throughout the entire fight. I had so many close calls during that fight! The fact that you have to face him twice makes it more nerve wrecking. It takes quite a while to wear the Icon of Sin down, while you're desperately trying to keep yourself supplied to face him! I love that monsters are being summoned during that, but I agree that it would've been really cool if they were summoned by the cubes and not just by a red fog. 3. half of my deaths from arena battles were because I kept running out of ammo faster than I was keeping track of it. I had a bad habit of trying use my super shotgun while the ammo counter had a big zero on it! 4. I played this on Ultra - Violence too. I died several times at first from those arena battles, but they got easier to deal with once I got all my weapons and upgrades! Then they started to get hard again near the end! 5. I went with lock-on missiles instead of remote detonation. Sure, I loose rocket ammo way faster, but they were really good at taking down those big bastards down quickly. Especially when you're dealing with those whiplashes! I figured I could always get my rockets back by chainsawing random zombies crawling around. 6. I wasn't bothered by the art style at all. I really loved the fact that the demons were designed to look much more faithful to their classic counterparts. 7. I feel the same way! 8. I was really hoping for the Crucible to be a proper melee weapon. It was disappointing that I had to collect ammo just to use it. They should've made it so that you could recharge it by killing demons in general, similar to how the soul cube functions in Doom 3. The final battle is the exception. It felt like that sword was made just for that fight. Also, what happened to that cutscene where you meet the arch-vile for the first time? I really though we were going to fight one with the Crucible at first. 9. I was expecting to have a showdown with him, after what he does to you at the end of Doom 2016. It felt rather anti-climatic that you find him inside a tube as scrap metal. I did get a good laugh at that part. 10. I'm really glad that we're still playing as the one and true Doomguy! He even references that one infamous line from that ridiculous comic. That part will no doubt cause half of the fanbase to rage at that! Doom Eternal was one hell of a demonic ride! I haven't decided if this is better than Doom 2016 or not. It's been a long time since I played that one. I'll definitely go back to that one soon! I'm hoping the DLC levels will be just as good as the campaign! I didn't by the season pass yet, but I'll be keeping an eye out on what ID has to offer us in the future! The post credit cutscene made me laugh too.
  8. ZealknightMR

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Doom Eternal (just finished recently) Grim Dawn. Such an amazing ARPG. I've been playing this on and off, but I've been playing a lot again since my brother got hooked to this game a couple of weeks ago. I love that the maps aren't randomly generated. That alone is a crazy though for ARPG fans, but the maps are designed to encourage exploring around. You can backtrack later and open up new passages by repairing bridges or opening up caves with dynamites. Just like Doom, there are secret passages you can open up for shortcuts, or mostly finding secret chest boxes, which contains lots of loot!. You can play as 6 classes (9 if you have both expansion installed). Each class have their own set of skills and passives you can put points into as you level up, but you can choose to dual-class, which open up all kinds of crazy class combos. There's even unique items you'll find that were specifically made for such class combos! There's so many uniques you'll find to, but rare items (even magic items) can have affixes and suffixes that are so good that they can be better than certain uniques you may be looking for! There are shrines you can find around the world to power up your character. Whenever you restore one, you earn a devotion point. You can use these points to light up the constellation stars on your devotion tree, which is Grim Dawn's version of PoE's passive tree. I'm playing through the 2nd expansion, The Forgotten Gods, and it's already a great expansion! Both expansion packs are great! If Crate Entertainment announces Grim Dawn 2 in the future, you bet I'll be hyped as hell!
  9. I wouldn't be so sure about that. I died several times from each arena battles at first. But, once I started getting my upgrades and weapons, the battles were slowly starting to become more manageable and less punishing. I'm playing on Ultra-Violence too.
  10. The Marauder fight was definitely overhyped by the players. Everyone was spouting memes about how crazy OP he is! I killed him on my first try on Ultra-Violence. Without losing a single life/1-up. It was really easy to understand how to take him on.
  11. ZealknightMR

    Demon infighting

    This is probably one of my criticism I have with Doom Eternal. I'm having a blast playing this game, but why did ID think it was a good idea to have monster infighting, but not allow the demons to ACTUALLY hurt each other? It would've been a helpful way for those who may be running low on ammo and can't any zombies or imps to chainsaw.
  12. ZealknightMR

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Good lord! IRL has been kicking me in the nuts lately with my busy schedule. Been having trouble finding the appropriate time to map. Here's some small progress
  13. When I was young kid, my dad took me and my brother to a local machine shop, to show us where he works through the day. He showed us his computer he used to upload his work related files. He also had Doom installed on his computer there. When he showed us this game, the computer didn't have a sound card. It play sound effects that just came off has beeps and laser-like sound effects. I remember being blown away by this, because it so vastly different to other video games that I was used to play. I played Nintendo games before I even learned about Doom. It was the first game to me that played in a 3D fashion, even though Doom is not truly 3D. Next year, my dad bought a computer and installed Doom in it. This time, I would hear the proper sound effects that every Doomer would recall to their grave. it would also be my first time hearing Doom's famous MIDI music, all in OPL3 fashion. a few years later, my dad learned about playing custom levels, which we all know as WADS. The though of extra levels being created by folks around the world made me really excited, especially when I learned that there exists WADS out there with custom music, sprites, and textures. That's my origin story of how I became a Doom fan.
  14. ZealknightMR

    What's the best time to make a wad?

    I'll tell you one way of when to make a doom map. It's when you are having a slow work season at your job. Normally, winter would be a slow season for me. However, this year has been an exception for me, since I've spent over 60 hours working working for the past 2 weeks. I've found very little opportunity to find the time for mapping because of this. Don't get me wrong, overtime is always nice to have for the extra cash, but it can start to be a drag when your itching to find time to make meaningful progress on your map.
  15. ZealknightMR

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I remember a wad I played a long time ago that I can't seem to find. I thought it was called street.wad, but whenever I download any wads similar to that name, it's completely different. It's a doom2 wad created in the 90s. It had midi music from movies and tv shows. The first level had the Psycho theme song from Alfred Hitchcock movie. The Pink Panther theme was also present, which was played in level 8 I think . The wad also had Indiana Jones theme song, which was the last level. If I remember correctly, the final level involves you inside a fortress killing the Icon of Sin. The Icon was just a wall of fireblu from the distance.