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  1. Sir Fragsalot

    GBA Dooms?

    Yes, it does have the big two baddies in all the normal positions. One thing about the proper levels, however... a couple of the larger ones (and the specific levels escape me at the moment) are split into two seperate levels. Everything IS intact, but not always continuous.
  2. Sir Fragsalot

    what graphics pack is this from?

    Take a look at this screenshot: http://home.comcast.net/~pr3ttyf1y/shotgun.jpg Can someone tell me what jdoom graphics pack this shotgun is from, and where I can download it?
  3. Sir Fragsalot

    Doomish Quotes?

    "Chew on my bfg, whore"
  4. Sir Fragsalot

    ZDoomGL in the news

    (as picklehammer): NBC just did a documentary on how various stores sell video games to underage people or some crap like that. It made me angry, but anyway, when it did the section on columbine, it showed a 3 second clip of a guy playing zdoom gl while talking about doom. I recognized the models. So that's cool. But damn the people who whine about violence.
  5. Sir Fragsalot

    Who uttered the moans?

    as picklehammer: Yeah it's interesting when they slow down sounds. In OMF: 2097, many of the clanks were actually the sounds of spoons and various other metal objects hitting each other, slowed down. Bobby Prince modified many sounds in doom from a sound sample cd, that is why you hear many doom sounds on tv (I heard the elevator sound just today in an animated short)... other appearances include The Mummy, commercials, etc. I guess this was all slightly off topic but interesting to know.
  6. Sir Fragsalot

    Doom music keyboard tabs?

    picklehammer using sir frag's account says: get cakewalk, ya lazy bastard
  7. Sir Fragsalot

    Ingrates!! I'll Show You Mockery!

    That download link doesn't work for me. Do you know of any other places that I could get the wad?
  8. Sir Fragsalot

    Doom 2 in my pocket...

    Go bbg! Eat pickle! Not only is he dumb for posting links to Metroid Fusion and Doom 2 roms, but he has the audacity to replace the nfo file in the Doom2 one with his contact info. <emu god>Besides, I found those roms in the first place. I got that Metroid Fusion rom the FIRST DAY it was out, two degrees away from the original dumper. ph33r.</emu god>
  9. Sir Fragsalot


    I sodomize picklehammer
  10. Sir Fragsalot

    Doom From the Console Not On the Console. Yeah.

    I'm a Jaguar fan, too. Tempest 2000 forever! Deep, could you send that map to me, please?
  11. Sir Fragsalot

    The /newstuff Chronicles #77

    I was bothering pickle to make Build 2 in the shape of a wanger just recently. I see that Ralphis has beaten pickle to the punch :). Openprojects hits the nail on the head with its point. Too bad Lament didn't add #zdaemon and #admin.
  12. Sir Fragsalot

    Unquestionable Release

    I don't find Why to be all that great for editing. Yet. It's beta, so I guess it'll improve, but I found the interface annoying and I miss some feature that even the oldest editors have, like being able to start with a blank level. I didn't do anything really in-depth with the editor yet, so options like the blank level start and others may be in the editor, but I didn't find them. This looks like an editor to watch, but I'm going to stick with Deth for the moment.
  13. Sir Fragsalot

    PrBOOM vs. ZDoom

    Don't count this, since I've already done an email, but I believe that prboom would be better. Prboom is closer to doom2.exe than zdoom. One thing that everyone forgets is that there are TWO zdoom-based client/server ports. Anyone remember csdoom? If you want zdoom, use csdoom. If zdaemon used prboom, then people would have a choice.
  14. Sir Fragsalot

    So just how fast does the Marine run?

    I guess that means im gay
  15. Sir Fragsalot


    Logically, Arioch, since you banned me, that makes YOU a limey. How about an unbanning?