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  1. Idkmemes

    Invisible projectiles?

    Hey, I got bored and i decided to work on a small xmas project to waste my time, and I'm trying to replace the ssg with an off brand nerf gun. I got the sprites and inheritance to work, all except for the darts, witch do damage, and act like they're there, but don't make a sound, or even appear, yet still do damage? My darts are alligned in the sprite part, in the center of the cross...Idk here's some pictures of what i have so far If you need any more information about it feel free to ask, and im sorry if this is a real easy fix, i've been trying at this for almost a day and a half and i cant tell what the issue is Merry Christmas-Some idiot on the internet
  2. Idkmemes

    Beginner wad

    I have Updated the wad, with a second shorter map, and some small edits to the original map. Besides changing the skybox most changes are minor, and hopefully dont change the experience too much. How did i fare for my 2nd attempt? better? worse? what do you think of my 2nd map? I would like to know
  3. Idkmemes

    new wads

    sorry i couldn't do this yesterday i reached my chat limit, i also forgot to put a link 'cause i was too focused getting all the rules in and stuff srry
  4. Idkmemes

    Beginner wad

    New link at the end of head
  5. Idkmemes

    Beginner wad

    This is the first map I've posted outside my small group of friends, and I want to know what I can improve on in future maps. Currently this only replaces map01 for doom 2, with it replacing the map and music. Gzdoom was used, and the only rules I'm putting down is no jumping/crouching, otherwise go nuts. I am currently working on a 2nd map for this wad, and after i get some response to this i could carry over any info/tips into the 2nd one as well. I'd love to hear some feedback as that's why I'm here anyways Thank you! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qd6crnCAUL0-wiU1gJHjw3MQwXgFnroj I Have also added a 2nd map to this wad, and for not making that clear earlier(below pics are 2nd map above is 1st)
  6. Idkmemes

    new wads

  7. Idkmemes

    new wads

    Alright thx. So this is my first map I've posted outside my group of friends, but recently I've wanted to get better so I'm having people look at this to tell me how to improve. I made this in doom II using Gzdoom, and the only rules Im putting down is no jumping or crouching. This only replaces the 1st level and it's music. Love to hear what you guys think.
  8. Idkmemes

    new wads

    So is this only about someguy's wads, or can i post here? I want to see what people think of my fist wad.
  9. Idkmemes

    Doom 2016 maps

    either try doom 4 doom or Zion