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  1. Kyoh1

    Best INDIVIDUAL levels (max one per wad/author)

    Criteria makes it harder to choose, but I would pick (no preference ranking): Gloominarch's Realm by Arsenikum/BigMemka (Whitemare 2 MAP 20) Gladiator by mouldy (Going Down MAP 15) Realm of the Iconoclast by scalliano (Threshold of Pain SE MAP 09) Skagway by Super Jamie/40oz (UAC Ultra MAP 10) Frozen Time by Eternal
  2. Kyoh1


    Brings me back to a decade and a half ago, when I used to play AVP2... A total change from Dark Encounters, but still nice to play. I felt just slightly disappointed when you spoke about choosing class, I thought I could choose also from Alien or Predator class. :D I will try to provide some feedback asap.
  3. Kyoh1

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    Another Sunder map Another sleepless night
  4. Kyoh1

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    To finish my comments and experience on MAP 32: I made a 3rd attempt with version 21813 and I finally managed to get through the maze without much trouble. Contrary to my 1st statement, the camping strat at the fountain is, in fact, not bad at all, just have to give quick looks left and right to monitor any monster trespassing the area and balance BFG and rockets depending on situation and ammo supply left. But I made sure to kill all monsters so that I wouldn't have any to attack me from a blind spot (including viles hidden behind the hedge). At 3rd switch, I rushed to the location of the viles (near the fountain). 4th switch, same strat as above, killed the viles in corridor close to the soulsphere and the ones coming from the area of the last switch. Once I hit the 5th and last switch, I lured the cybies out to blast them. The rest of the map was then pretty much easy, except last room where you have to quickly take the upper hand otherwise you get overwhelmed, especially by cacos since they are not hindered by the narrow platforms. Finally started MAP 16, which feels less hectic than previous one. Maybe because it alternates between small fights and big fights in closed room. Platforming feels less like tightrope walking, but you still need to mind your step
  5. I think I would like to have a whole building to myself to shape all levels of Going Down full scale reality. Otherwise, Sunder Map 31, cause it feels refreshing and timeless appearance.
  6. Do you have some examples in mind?
  7. Kyoh1

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    I tried as well to leave monsters aside and run for all switches until exit, but that was, more or less, a death wish, cause I was caught up by pinkies, which are the quickest, that slowed me down and then had to take care of the revenants and the rest of the gang. And of course, viles attacked me from the rear, shielded by others. Better to thin monsters out 1st, take care of the viles with whatever ammo is left and then leave at the time cybies pop in, replenish your health and ammo and come back later. Also, I prefered to lure them out of the maze to fight them in a wider area.
  8. Kind of an ideal residence with a touch of Renaissance style which serves as cover for psychotic people or vampire. Perfect for inviting your demon friends to have an afternoon tea under shelter of the gazebo, drug them with sleeping pills, then dragging them down to the secret basement to dispose of them.
  9. Kyoh1

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    That was, more or less, my clearing time during 1st attempt with a few saves depending of sectors. E.g. I prefer to save a couple of times in the main garden because I often got it by stray rockets from cybies on the highest hill. The manor itself was nearly a walk in the park, except blue key room. Given I was playing the 21813 version of Sunder, I pulled a few tactics stunts that made my progession easier in the level. I don't know whether I will be able to perform the same tricks with the updated version or not. However, the hedge maze is definitely the biggest fight to overcome: -Playing it blind, you have 5 switches to hit in order before taking the exit and, as the usual linear switch activating pattern, once you hit a switch, you have to run around a bit to find the next one, until the last, and deal with monsters in tight corridors at the same time. Given the architecture of a maze, you get sandwiched pretty fast if you don't pay attention to your surroundings. -Camping near the fountain makes it a comfort zone, having (limited) supply of ammo and a megasphere at hand, but that's the danger IMO: the longer you stay camping the faster you waste your ammo. Even more so, when Viles will teleport in soon after you hit the 3rd switch to start resurrect monsters you killed before, ruining your efforts. -Enemies can spot you and fire at you from Viles "fake" walls, so you need to check your back more often during fights. I got hit by cybies or HK that way. Apparently, I_G added more ammo in this arena, I will play it again with the updated version to assess the modifications.
  10. Kyoh1

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    I have finally beaten House of Corrosion within a bit more than 1h30. Too much attempts because I saved while I was in bad spots (low health or cornered) and had to retry from scratch. I gotta say, I_G is living up to his reputation for designing beautiful maps, but extremely challenging: cramped spaces, difficult to move around, ambush traps (felt like playing a Sunlust map), using cybies to thin monsters out. I have also cleared The Harlot's Garden. The map itself is superb, has a bit of a Castlevania atmosphere, like you're trespassing on a vampire lord's property (I particularly appreaciated the texture of ripped human faces nailed on wooden planks). Some spots were quite difficult to play, in the small forest grove to activate switches to open access to the main garden, the giant hedge maze and the final room. As the hedge maze is not shown on automap display, it takes quite some time to get used to it and find proper path, especially, running back and forth to find access to switches while dealing with monsters popping in at the same time was a huge pain in the ass. One of the major drawback of the last room is that some enemies can get blown off the ledge from a BFG blast and fall into the pit, without being killed on the spot, which makes impossible to max the level. Ha, that could explain why there were 16 monsters missing from killing count. I wasn't playing the updated version. I will dl'ed it later. Anyway, thanks for keeping on your great work and looking forward to playing your next releases! ;)
  11. Kyoh1

    Just for fun: My 5 favourite DooM mappers

    I would say: Payload4367 (Dark Encounters) floatRand (Disjunction) Insane_Gazebo (Sunder) mouldy (Going Down) Ribbiks (Sunder)
  12. Haha, I should have paid attention to the discussion upwards, but thanks for the detailled explanation. I actually never seen that occured, but since it is rare case, it's no wonder.
  13. If a body is mashed under a crusher or sliding door, is it still possible for Viles to resurrect? Lost souls are not a problem as long as you take care of their maker quickly. It's when they come by numbers that they get really annoying. But Viles are on another level when they are shielding behind other demons while targeting you with their fire spell whereas you cannot directly aim at them to take them down.
  14. Kyoh1

    What is your favourite episode 1 level?

    That would be: Military Base 1st Phobos Lab 2nd Toxin Refinery 3rd As discovering Doom through E1, I pretty much love all maps from Knee Deep in the Dead.
  15. Kyoh1

    What is your favourite episode 2 level?

    @ReaperAA Thanks!