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  1. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    Descent Doom (Descent 2 in GZDoom)

    This looks incredible - shame I've never been able to wrap my head around Descent. I should really try again one of these days.
  2. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    Sandstone [Single Level Tech Base//My First WAD]

    OOo I wasn't expecting any more replies on this thread. Thanks very much for the playtest and the praise :) Thanks so much David - I'm a big fan of your content :) It was painful how close you got to both secrets! Thanks for the great video.
  3. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Soft Quake 1 reboot. Basically, do another DOOM 2016 but instead, it's QUAKE 2022.
  4. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    So where does your username come from?

    It was based on a drunken conversation at a party where I said I wanted my body to be put into orbit after I die - becoming a cosmic inconvenience... or orbiting space garbage.
  5. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    what's your process for creating individual areas?

    Doom maps are a series of encounters. It is tough to come up with new ideas for encounters, but really that's what needs to be worked out. The Ghastly post above is great, it's part of my own personal Doom bible. It points out that everything is an encounter, even if it's not a major encounter. What I would really consider is what do you want to play? Do you want to play a tiered arena that changes after every wave? Do you want a split level path that winds through the same space multiple times? Maybe an "open world" tech base that can be approached in lots of ways? Once you've worked that out you can build rooms to fit. This is the main creative part of map making for me - detailing is easy, making stuff fun to move through and fight in is the hard part.
  6. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    What's your "mapping style"?

    Bloated and unfocused with questionable encounter design. I mean I've only released one map, but that's how they all feel to me. Also room borders, lots and lots of room borders. Sometimes room borders even have their own borders.
  7. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    Worst texture? (other than fireblue)

    All of the flats, seriously, they're all awful.
  8. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Area is almost fully detailed - though the dev textures in the courtyard kind of ruin it. This will be the last one of these for a while... PROMISE!
  9. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    How do you figure out scale when starting a map?

    There are some basic elements that really help set scale. A normal large door is 128 X 128, a small door or a switch is 64x128 for example. There's a good chance I'll need to fit at least one of these in any area. I tend to set my scales based on those things above, beyond that it's entirely on whether I want an area to feel open and roomy or cramped and tense. Beyond that it's simply about play testing. I'll often start by just blocking out the shape of an area and then spawning in and running around, seeing if it feels right for what I had in my head.
  10. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Another one with SLIGHTLY more colour to it. Really enjoying working with OTEX.
  11. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Working on something a little bit more ambitious for my second map!
  12. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    Sandstone [Single Level Tech Base//My First WAD]

    Thanks for the kind words, definitely looking to kick up the difficulty on my next map :)
  13. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    Sandstone [Single Level Tech Base//My First WAD]

    Wow, this is a absolute rich vein of feedback. Thank you so much for such detailed comments. Seriously, this is a massive help.
  14. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    What makes good monster placement and encounters?

    I've asked myself the same question a lot recently, and while I won't go into detail as much as the other comments in this thread have, but there are a few things I wanted to add: Don't just have everything in front of the player, have them coming at you from all angles Punish/prevent escape, if a player can just leave, it makes the whole thing feel less impactful - make them work for it Give multiple ways of approaching your combat encounter, whether it's playstyle or literally how they approach the encounter Most importantly, playtest, playtest, playtest - if you're not having fun, then others likely wont
  15. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    Sandstone [Single Level Tech Base//My First WAD]

    Thanks for the kind words! Definitely a very useful set of comments made during your video - especially about the fight at the end and there not really being a reason to go down back into the main room. I have been umming and aaahing about whether I should look at making the crate stacks climbable without the need for jumping, but I'm not quite decided on that. As a side note, are you using any visual mods on that footage? The textures look really nice in your video! Is it just dynamic lights? NEW VERSION I've updated the original file with a 1.1 version. I've tried to act on some of the comments made in this thread. Available through the download link in the original post.