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  1. SpaceTrash

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Here's a bigger overview of the above map I posted. This is an experiment in creating a map with as few doors and corridors as possible. The idea is to basically create a map that feels like only one area. I'm tentatively calling it Chokehold, which is inspired by this song from my current AOTY leader.
  2. SpaceTrash

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Playing around with this "melted snow in an industrial area" look for this map I'm working on set in a big abstract water processing plant. I'm unsure as to whether it looks like melting snow or like the map is covered in random blobs of ice cream.
  3. Screenshots of system messages are my favourite kind.
  4. SpaceTrash

    1St. map done. Barest of bones

    So I gave this a go out of curiosity - sadly I wasn't able to complete it (I'll get back to this) - and I have lots of notes beyond the need for a better release post: There's no red key - so once you clear out the first room you're stuck If it's in a secret then it's not signposted at all and I wasn't able to find it The first encounter needs work but was surprisingly fun considering I had to run past everything with a chainsaw to get a suitable weapon The lack of cover against the AV was a little bit iffy tho Why are there so many health spheres? You have a rocket launcher surrounded by cell ammo, are these meant to be rockets?
  5. I used to but UDB is just better
  6. Screenshots pls
  7. SpaceTrash

    Customised Doom

    Import the textures into your WAD using Slade. There's a bunch of tutorials online.
  8. SpaceTrash

    Tips on Coming up with Map layouts?

    Play lots of maps Start simple and watch out for scope creep Practice, practice, practice Your ideas are probably better than you think they are Most maps are quite simple once you break them down, it's all the dressing that makes them look complicated Read various tutorials Make notes on things you learn and like Finish your maps; an okay idea that is finished is always better than a great idea that no one ever gets to play
  9. SpaceTrash

    Modern "Open" style room layouts

    Wow. Some great stuff in here, definitely some stuff to add to my personal Doom bible document. Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far, I'd reply to every post if I had time! Really loved those edits to Sandstone from Boris and Baja. Really goes to show what can be done when you're starting from a fairly simple place. It's interesting your can break down even more complex maps down to more limited paths. Also wanted to say thanks to Tiramisu and Spineapple for their kind words about Sandstone! Just wanted to share the map I've started working on after reading this thread through a few times. Here's a very early WIP image of a map I'm tentatively calling "Chokehold". All of this is one area with only like one sight-blocking wall.
  10. SpaceTrash

    Modern "Open" style room layouts

    I've been struggling a little to understand how modern-style doom maps are put together. My maps are a bit more old school and are sort of more of a "room to room with interlinking corridors" type thing. Does anyone know a good place to start with making more modern style maps? Ones where it just seems to be one singular space with different areas sort of mashed together. Here are some examples: Fracture World - MAP01 - Nirvana Eviternity - MAP19 - StormCatcher.77 Running Late 2 - MAP03 - A2Rob For context, here is the last map I put out, Sandstone
  11. SpaceTrash

    Descent Doom (Descent 2 in GZDoom)

    This looks incredible - shame I've never been able to wrap my head around Descent. I should really try again one of these days.
  12. OOo I wasn't expecting any more replies on this thread. Thanks very much for the playtest and the praise :) Thanks so much David - I'm a big fan of your content :) It was painful how close you got to both secrets! Thanks for the great video.
  13. SpaceTrash

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Soft Quake 1 reboot. Basically, do another DOOM 2016 but instead, it's QUAKE 2022.
  14. SpaceTrash

    So where does your username come from?

    It was based on a drunken conversation at a party where I said I wanted my body to be put into orbit after I die - becoming a cosmic inconvenience... or orbiting space garbage.
  15. SpaceTrash

    what's your process for creating individual areas?

    Doom maps are a series of encounters. It is tough to come up with new ideas for encounters, but really that's what needs to be worked out. The Ghastly post above is great, it's part of my own personal Doom bible. It points out that everything is an encounter, even if it's not a major encounter. What I would really consider is what do you want to play? Do you want to play a tiered arena that changes after every wave? Do you want a split level path that winds through the same space multiple times? Maybe an "open world" tech base that can be approached in lots of ways? Once you've worked that out you can build rooms to fit. This is the main creative part of map making for me - detailing is easy, making stuff fun to move through and fight in is the hard part.