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  1. RaresJF


    The level feels empty. There are no secrets, no ammo packs, no guns, only the map and the enemies (and some Spheres too). You can only pick up guns from enemies. There are no ammo packs, so you mostly have to use the fists. The good thing is that there is a Berserk Pack at the start of the level, but still, it's not fun to just go and spam click with the fists, especially at the Cyberdemon fight! Oh yeah, the Cyberdemon fight....nothing special about it. You just get an Invulnerability power-up and you just spam click with the fists until he dies. It is just boring. In conclusion: great concept, but overall just empty. 5/10
  2. Hello! I was just wondering if there's any gameplay/ leaked footage of Doom Eternal on the Nintendo Switch. I know it will be locked at 30fps but is there any more information about the port?
  3. RaresJF


    The map was bad, the textures are bad and the enemies are a good idea, but they can't touch me because I already have a shotgun so what's the point? 3/10
  4. RaresJF

    Chemical Facility - (My first map/.WAD)

    The map was really good. Short but sweet! 10/10
  5. RaresJF

    Monster Closet Facility (My First Doom Level)

    The wad is actually really good! The new weapons are really good, but the TRIPLE BARREL SHOTGUN is gamechanging! I have to give you an extra point for the triple barrel shotgun! The map is challenging. It is a bit unfair in some parts but the map is great anyways! For a "First WAD" this is absolutely great! Overall, you should try the map! 11/10
  6. RaresJF

    Literally Hell [v1 | 06.16.2019]

    The map is really fun! I loved it! But one problem: I find the exit a bit...hidden. You could make a hint of where you are supposed to go. Also, in the pit, you could add a Cyberdemon that you have to fight to finish the level. That would be neat! 9/10