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  1. I appreciate your help Gez, but I already moved on to the GZDoom UMDF format. But thanks for letting me know.
  2. I'm working with Boom, so is there any way I can do it with the Boom Format or I need to convert the map somehow or just start a new one?
  3. So I'm working on a project called The Cave, and I need to make when a specific monster dies it opens a door. I have seen the script but I'm using GZDoom Builder and that script that I saw could set script tags on the monster. But I can't and that means that the script won't know what enemy is need to be killed to open the door.
    Great level it's really great, and the midi reminds me if the starting or a level from Wolfenstein 3D. The difficulty level is balanced really well not hard not easy and some sectors are full of surprises. Looks like that there are added some secrets to the level but I found only 50% of them. So yeah the level is great it's only one map and it's pretty good I recommend it for the people that haven't played it to play it!
  4. Does someone have an answer to how I can rename or edit the name of a DOOM WAD? I know that the doom level name in the next level screen is a basic picture but any ideas how can I change it? 

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    2. Bobo-Robo


      Okay nice, but can I use DeHackEd and SLADE to change it at the same time?

    3. Keen


      Yes, you can... Probably?

    4. Bobo-Robo


      Okay good! Thank you, Keen and KVELLER you helped me very much!

  5. Bobo-Robo

    Innocence X2

    It was PERFECT! I haven't seen a Mod/WAD like this in a like month! When you first start it you know is good when you see the starting menu! And these sound effects are the best all weapons and other sounds have been remastered I didn't even know that I was using the shotgun first time! I recommend this Mod/WAD and you can play it on any Source Ports like GZDoom, QZDoom, ZDoom. I recommend playing with GZDoom because in ZDoom you will experience some visual issues like Green Dots, Walls, Grounds and it's just dark but this is not a problem that ZDoom has if you want to you can change your brightness but it might change your gaming experience as well. And there is not just the regular old Demons and Monsters they have added a more hardly visible Demons/Monsters and it made it more buffed! I don't recommend for casual players to play too much higher difficulty even me died a bunch of times! So yeah I definitely recommend this Mod/Wad and I give it a rate of 5 Stars.