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  1. wildweasel

    Resizing images

    I say this all the time, on a bunch of different forums... ifranview.com
  2. wildweasel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #162

    I'm so glad it wasn't Deathz0r's week. My WAD would probably have been bashed for its ripped resources and not even given a passing mention to that original stuff that I made. (Just like the last version.)
  3. Articles like this make my blood BOIL. (Not in the temperature sense either - the Rock Howard sense, a la Fatal Fury. Kill the lights, I'm about to perform Raising Storm on this reporter.) If the media has to bash on VIDEO GAMES of all things, there's no reason for the media to exist because if they're not keeping up with news (and there's ALWAYS news) and posting crap like this, it's doubtful that they will retain their audience and make a profit. Heck, a survey that went out a while back...didn't that say that ~60-some percent Americans play video games? And that huge chunk is mostly people who don't care what the media thinks about their hobby. And so the media is in for a mass boycott. I ain't touchin' CNN from now on, just in case they pull crap similar to this.
  4. wildweasel

    TC Block of the most ironic kind...

    Nightmare: Add to that, they made the world's first assault rifle (the STG-44, referred to quite incorrectly as the MP-44 in some games).
  5. wildweasel

    New Total Conversion in the works!

    I am DEFINITELY in for sound effects! I can provide lots of weapon sounds, hack up the default doors and platforms, add tons of variety to your stuff...heck, just look at DOOMOS.WAD in the next /newstuff!
  6. wildweasel

    Metal Slug music WAD!

    Say, Ubik, here's a thought. Create 2 Tripod accounts, give both an INDEX.HTML, and then split your WAD into RAR, ARJ, or ACE volumes. Then you can upload the pieces and link us to 'em.
  7. wildweasel

    Carmack CNN talk

    This is why I OPTIMIZE my control systems! I always play games with mouse and keyboard, using the WSAD keys for movement. Z and C are usually my Lean keys, E for use, Q for last used weapon or whatever I need it for (Next Force in JK2). Everything else is bound as needed. For example, my RtCW config. B for binoculars - no need to hold down much else aside from Crouch (CTRL). N for Notebook. It's out of the way, and I don't need it for easy access. (I also use N for my player settings/limbo menu in MP games) SHIFT to sprint. I play Doom all the time like that, so why not RtCW? ALT to sneak. Makes sense, right? No need to hold down anything else. For Half-Life, I have SHIFT to sneak. I only need to use my left pinky when sneaking. For Deus Ex and the NoLF series, I have Crouch and Sneak on toggles. Just TAP them and they work! You don't need to have illogical control schemes or useless binds if you OPTIMIZE YOUR BINDS.
  8. wildweasel

    WolfenDoom EX Released

    Okay, this mod has nearly NOTHING different from Laz Rojas' original Boom engine hack (aside from the multiplayer in Map 1 and the Jag weapons). Some things I noticed: * Episodes weren't divided (fixed by you guys) * Hans (Episode 1 boss) does NOT drop the proper key when dying, making the first episode unbeatable! * Secret exit in Map 1 still takes you to Map 2, instead of Map 10 like it should. If I had the spare time, I'd hack this up and make it actually WORK. Unfortunately, with my own Doom project in the works (which none of you will even care about, more than likely), I just don't have the time.
  9. wildweasel

    I'm a Soldat! I'm an Engineah!

    Wow. I lost all hope for ol' Laz when he talked about postponing Operation Rheingold...but he's BACK?! You're right, Vile...that's just like if the HR2 page updated.
  10. wildweasel

    Wads of Doom. Station.

    Anyone remember Bill & Ted? "STATION!!"
  11. wildweasel

    In-progress projects

    Currently working on two things: * Doom Hyper Aesthetic Mod - a seriously enhanced version of Doom, made for ZDoom 2.0, in the vein of Immoral Conduct (works with any map you put into it, within reason). This one's already got 4 complete replacements for all the weapons, including a 3-round burst assault rifle that replaces the pistol and the Mercury Dispersion Cannon, a BFG replacement that nukes everything in the room (and even some stuff in the next room). Also contains a unique method of handling gib frames: everybody disintegrates into nothingness when they gib. This was actually done for technical reasons; I needed the spare frames to use for breakable things and weapons. * Frequency Modulation Doom (Just Because I Can) - This was my own personal experiment to replace Doom's sounds with those made by FM synthesis (as played by the Adlib OPL3, the Yamaha YM2612, etc). However, I discovered that not everything works in FM, so I decided to include sounds made by Atari's JSA3 speech chip, resulting in monsters that say things like "NEEDS FOOD BADLY" and suchwise. I figure it's a logical next step from Doom From Your Mouth and NES Sounds Doom...
  12. wildweasel

    games that totally suck ass

    Here's my list. * Anything made by the infamous "headGames", including Extreme Paintbrawl series and "Juggernaut" for Quake 2 * Asheron's Call - the whole thing is based around waiting, pretty much...not quite to the extent of Progress Quest, but it still ultimately centers around waiting. "Oh look, a bunny. LETS KILL THE DARNED THING AND GET IT OVER WITH" * Frogger (PC remake by Hasbro) - the game that started darn near every classic remake in existance...and it really sucked. Can't see where you're going at all. * Counter-Strike - This'll change with Condition Zero, unless the SP bots do things like spam you with links to their website or vote-ban you for attempting to buy the AW/M. * Atomic Bomberman - All the backgrounds hurt my eyes after a while, and they tried too hard to give it attitude. The game isn't that great, and it's darn near unplayable due to Interplay's lack of a speed limiter. * Tamagotchi, and any other "virtual pet" system (including Neopets and other such things).
  13. wildweasel

    The Doom Beastiary

    I just submitted mine...a dark blue shotgun marine, with actual hair and glasses.
  14. wildweasel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #136

    Cyb, I'm glad you enjoyed IDOOM at some point. It took me a good hour to figure out how to make the explosions work they way they were supposed to, and I ended up having to use barrels instead of rockets and changing the sprite number and subnumber. But hey, whatever gets the job done! I managed to char an wntire wall black in ZDoom 2.0 (with my hacked DECALDEF lump in the WAD). Unfortunately I can't post a picture because of Tripod's hotlinking rule.
  15. wildweasel


    This is well worth checking out.
  16. wildweasel

    Mayhem Mansion

    I wish more "joke wads" could be as entertaining as this one was.
  17. wildweasel

    GALAXIA.WAD (The Ultimate Czech Level)

    Almost ten years later, I still come back to this one. Something about the way all the Masterminds are placed and the use of the Das Boot MIDI really drives this one home for me. ...I'm gonna go play it again.