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Status Updates posted by wildweasel

  1. I guess it's customary to post about upcoming birthdays in here? Well, mine's coming up in about four days...I've never received a birthday map before. Of course, now that I've said that, I'm sure a lot of the forum is wondering just who the hell I think I am. Eh, well, it's no skin off my back, in any case.

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    2. wildweasel


      Heh. It occurred to me that not everybody bothers with implementing skill settings in speedmaps like this, so I almost wondered if I was playing on UV by mistake (skill 3 is a force of habit for me; I'm by no means a Doom God).

    3. Obsidian


      Download Adage.

      And done! I made it Co-op friendly and vanilla compatible as well, although I didn't add difficulty settings. Happy birthday dude!

    4. wildweasel


      Obsidian said:

      Download Adage.

      And done! I made it Co-op friendly and vanilla compatible as well, although I didn't add difficulty settings. Happy birthday dude!

      And here's my FDA of this one; same settings as before (-complevel 9, default skill). I really like this one! Pretty good selection of textures and decorations (you might notice I stopped to admire the crucified zombie on the wall at the start). Had a bit of trouble with the revenants towards the end, but managed to not get myself horribly murdered.

      And the toaster at the end got a good chuckle out of me. =P

  2. And this being the third Castlevania-related disappointment in a row (Judgment was awful, Rebirth wasn't bad but felt like a massive step backwards), I hereby renounce my Super-Fanboy title.

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    2. Philnemba


      I like to make a confession: I like Judgement :P

      Anyway, Order of Ecclesia wasn't good as I expected to be(doesn't have much replay value as the previous 2 DS games and the 3 GBA games). Rebirth is fricking sweet since its the first traditional Castlvania game since Castlevania Legends for the gameboy. As for Harmony of Despair...meh if it was on Wiiware it would've been a diffrent story(Xbox live service is ass to me).

    3. Epyo


      oh don't get me wrong, I love PoR too

      when it came out I thought it was like my favorite game ever

      I just like Ecclesia slightly better!

    4. ReFracture


      I really should go play this series sometime. I played bits and pieces of Symphony of the Night but that's about it really.

      I did find Giant Bomb's quick look of Judgement funny as hell though.. what a shitty game.


  3. From the local Salvation Army store (sometimes it pays to be persistent):

    Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom, DOS 6-CD edition. In its original box, with a slightly ripped slipcover, all six CD's in great condition, small manual, large manual, instruction cards, limited-edition lithograph ordering form, official strategy guide, and one trading card. Ebay's got these for $30-$60, I paid $20.

    Bioforge, DOS CD-ROM. Included the manual, CD in original case with instruction booklet inside, quickstart cards. I paid $5 for it.

    RC Pro-Am, NES, cartridge only, $2.

    God, I love shopping used-junk stores! Last time I scored something this awesome was at a Goodwill several months ago - somehow managed to get Outlaws, The Dig, The 7th Guest, and Total Annihilation for a grand total of less than $20. And before that, a Sega CD system for $7.

    Considering I check stores like this every week or so, I'm usually in the loop in regards to what new stuff has come in...they don't usually get this sort of stuff in, and when they do they don't tend to realize how much it's worth to an oldgamer like myself!

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    2. wildweasel


      Shaikoten said:

      Not bad, but kind of on the high end in terms of price for what I usually get for junk store diving. I'm a Flea Market junkie myself, but generally for LPs and nice 70s stereo equipment. How is Bioforge? I never played many of those DOS "movie style" games, at least not in the fantasy genre.

      If you played RTC-3057 Hub 1, you pretty much know what Bioforge is like - except Bioforge has fewer demons and guns, and more trying to figure out how to operate the terminals and robotic nurses.

      Seriously - seems like the RTC team took a lot of inspiration from Bioforge. I don't blame 'em, either.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Bioforge seemed like such a great game, unfortunately I could never solve that goddamn puzzle where you have to hold the hand up to the scanner and do something at the same time. I was probably like 2 pixels off the ideal location and never knew it.

    4. jute


      I also have a boxed copy of Bioforge from a thrift store. It's a very interesting game but the controls are really painful.

  4. Alright, I've got a copy of the new Wolfenstein and was astonished to find that, unlike other id Tech-based games, the resources are not stored in a renamed ZIP/PK4 file. There are only two PK4 files in the /Wolfenstein/SP/Base folder, assets.pk4 and shaders.pk4, neither of which will open in 7-zip or IZArc (7-zip complains and quits, IZArc just freezes). Assets is 21 megs, Shaders is just shy of 1 meg.

    I notice there's a bunch of folders beyond /base, including /videos (contains the .BIK video cutscenes - strangely, Raven didn't opt to do the cutscenes in-game but rather rendered them with the game engine to play back as pre-rendered videos), /maps (which contains several other folders beyond that, presumably one for each map in the game, and each of THOSE contains a .SPK file - which, I just checked, will also not open in 7-zip), and /streampacks (which contains MANY .SPK files, each corresponding to a single in-game object, apparently, and as with before, will still not open with 7-zip).

    Now, as a gun nut and collector of sound effects (don't ask me why...), I feel an intense urge to rip all the sound effects from Wolfenstein. But that's rather hard, considering I can't get into the data files, and I don't know the first thing about decoding file formats (it took me months to do anything with the .paq file from Crimsonland, and it turned out that all it was was a bunch of files appended onto each other, a la WAD).


    1. Coopersville


      WildWeasel said:

      I am someone other than Coopersville that acknowledges that Crimsonland exists


      Can't help ya.

    2. Sharessa


      Haha, I almost made pretty much the same post as Coopersville.

      Also, can't help you either.

    3. printz


      I like when people get involved in modding and reverse engineering right away. Shows how powerful a modding community can be.

  5. If anybody here is interested in joining a community of writers (general writing - fiction, non-fiction, freestyle roleplaying, poetry, even journalism), I encourage you to join The Writers' Guild.

    Please ignore the fact that the Guild is located at Invisionfree, if you happen to have any grudges against them. We have an actual site in the pipeline, with (potentially) custom forum software and stuff (though we're experiencing some delays with it due to real-life issues with our site designer).

    So please, if you're interested in writing and literature, take a look at what we have. I'm sure there's something that you'll be interested in.

    1. wildweasel


      Okay, Invisionfree is abandoned, and the Guild has moved to a brand new site:


      Please bear with any technical problems we may be experiencing. Seven will try and fix them as soon as she's able.

  6. When I saw the first screenshots and info of the upcoming Castlevania on DS, I nearly wet myself. But now, a week later, I hear the first of "Castlevania: Curse of Darkness" on the PS2 - which really made me pee myself. Another 3D CV game? On PS2? New familiar system?! This is all well and good - but I then discovered that the game is supposed to take place a year after Castlevania 3 (so Trevor, Sypha, and Grant might also make appearances - who knows! I wonder what a 3D Sypha would look like...).

    Yes sir, it's gonna be a great time to be a Castlevania Super Fanboy(tm).

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      The fantasy style artwork is much more fitting for the Castelvania theme. If I wanted to view Jpop goth artwork with sexually ambiguous characters I would pick up my favorite album from overseas.

      No Thank you.

      Today, fantasy arwork is a lost art. Nobody uses it anymore, and if there is one series that is the embodiment of that style, it's Castlevania. Dracula isn't some teenage angst Japanese goth work... Dracula is a novel that embodies European themes. The artwork for the original Castlevania series is the most accurate portrayal of what vampire hunting in a European town in the 16th century should look like.

      Somewhere along the lines, Castelvania STOPPED being castelvania and became something else... it was probably Symphony of the Night. They may be fun games... but they are not Castelvania games. They are just Games with Dracula in them. One need only look at the cover art to see that...

      Castelvania 3
      Lament of Innocence

      The only common theme is Dracula and hearts. In fact Castlevania is basically just Metroid with Dracula now. Instead of levels, there is a giant game world where new powers unlock new areas. Not that I hate this gameplay style, but it's not Castlevania. Sorry, but they just use the name because it sells.

      Bottom line for me, is that even if they are fun games, they make bad Castlevania games. Give me a whip and some ghouls and let me kick some ass a a muscle bound Germanic barbarian any day. If I wanted to play the latest Japanese goth anime I would... well nevermind because I don't.

      Edit: (Yes, that is a pic of Lament of Innocence which is probably closer to real castelvania than SOTN or any GBA one, save Circle of the Moon despite its ridiculously stupid card system. Lament just happens to embody the terrible artowrk of late)

    3. Sharessa


      Here, here. I've never been a fan of Castlevania, but I really hate japanese art stuff. I mean, I guess it works for mangas and anime, but otherwise it just looks pretentiously trendy. Why must it permeate every aspect of pop culture?

      Also, I was going to refute Scuba's statement that fantasy art is dead by stating that there is still stuff like D&D where you can find it, but then I remembered the state that they're in these days. They seem to be trending to a sci-fi cyberpunk type thing where everything takes a cool yet unrealistic pose while being dressed in black leather and weilding some crazy looking knife (that would be unusable in real life and unmakable by anything less than 20th century technology) which is dripping blood and ichor. Not to mention all their artists suck these days. It's really kind of sad.

    4. Epyo


      I haven't played any castlevanias before sotn, so I am outclassed.

  7. It's a great time to be a Castlevania super-fanboy. A new CV title has been announced for the very promising Nintendo DS, plus the original CV coming to Game Boy Advance. I don't own a GBA though (not legally), but I do plan to buy a DS. I don't really need the Classic NES Castlevania, because I already have an NES, and the Castlevania Chronicles version on PSX is much more fun in my opinion (really hard though).

    On the same note, I still haven't made it past Stage 6 on Rondo of Blood (where you fight classic NES bosses and eventually Shaft), I'm stuck on Stage 4 on Chronicles, and 3 on the Arrange mode, I haven't beated HoD yet, I have to restart on LoI because I screwed up a puzzle, I am stuck in CotM because I'm not powerful enough, and I can't beat AoS on hard mode.

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    2. Grimm


      . . . i liked Megaman Legends . . .

    3. wildweasel


      I'm not a Megaman fan. As good as the earlier Megaman games are, the series just hasn't had as much consistent quality as the Castlevania series. It really started downhill with the X series in my opinion, and they're just making the games too hard (I can't beat Mission 2 on Megaman Zero) or too boring (Megaman Battle Network, anyone?). The only Castlevanias I didn't like were the ones on the original Gameboy, and then because they were too slow and the controls too touchy. (I died three times in CV Legends on the first level just trying to grab that darned rope at the end of the first screen.) I haven't played the N64 ones, but I'm considering trying them if I can find them for cheap enough. I hear they're decent, if you overlook the camera controls and sometimes-difficult whip aiming.

    4. Ralphis


      Jayextee said:

      I've not played anything past X5, to be honest. They *are* good, but then I went straight onto the Megaman Zero games for the GBA, such is my love of Zero.

      I can't wait to play 3. Zero is going to have to eventually fight his old body, or at least that's my prediction.

  8. I got my old version of Weasel's Weapons back from Daniel, and decided to upload it to Newstuff for weapons enthusiasts all over the world to revel in its crappiness. Keep an eye out for it - and feel free to send me hate mail after you have seizures from the title screen (which doesn't even animate).

  9. Today, I finally gave in - I downloaded EVERY SINGLE WEAPONS MOD that Daniel released last Newstuff. I played all of them, using Map 8 of Doom 2 to test. And I couldn't help but notice that he used some of my old resources from "Weasel's Weapons", an EDGE mod that I haven't seen in two years and has been long since deleted from my webspace and lost from backups. I fired off an email to Daniel asking if he wouldn't mind sending it to me. I hope to see a reply soon.

    On this note, this is one of the few times I've been credited in somebody else's text file (other moments include Tormentor's City of the Damned as a beta tester, and I think one of Xaser's mods...I can't remember about Xaser.)

  10. Since my formal adoption of the name "WildWeasel", I got curious and Googled the name. My results were shocking - forum posts on GameFAQs, a Wing Commander Prophecy killboard, and a wildlife gallery containing - you guessed it - weasels. I dove straight to the last page of results and found a purchase and shipping page for Garden Weasels.

    Rest assured - if you see a WildWeasel on any site that doesn't quite seem like me (ie. actually utters swear words or uses abbreviations/AOL-speak), then it's likely not me.

    I've tried other nicknames - in fact, one nick, "The Watcher", has stuck with me when I need to remain hidden. I currently have an account under that name at Newdoom, with a fake email to go with (thewatcherlooms@yahoo.com). The sig phrase that commonly goes with The Watcher reads: "Beware the Watchers, for they [insert something here]." I've filled in the blank several different ways...

    1. "...they are excellent snipers."
    2. "...they wallhack."
    3. "...they...well, they WATCH you! Isn't that creepy?!"

    I've also registered on the "Tawhid Odyssey" forums as Izanagi, back when I was trying Final Fantasy XI. I currently serve as the chairman of the official "Zhao Chang Booster Club" (Zhao Chang, my father, was the original founder of the Tawhid Odyssey back when they played Asheron's Call). I don't play the game any more.

    I'm pretty much sick and tired of online games now. Teamplay doesn't work with me, I don't make friends. For shooters, I will only play deathmatch on a LAN, because online players suck in my opinion. I was into Halo online play for a while (PC version), but I quit after realizing that I was the only all-around good player (everybody that played well was a jerk, and everybody that was a good team player got themselves shot all the time). I prefer a good singleplayer experience over online play with idiots that call themselves "HarrisonFordSucks" or "Deadly Toilet Duck".

    === RANT MODE OFF ===

    Currently listening to: Rob Hubbard's "One Man And His Droid" SID file
    Currently playing: Raven Shield, Halo LAN games
    Most recent game purchased: Earthworm Jim 3D/Bust A Move 4 Dual-Jewel

  11. (Otherwise known as "The Origins of TheWeaselMan")

    wild*weasel (n.) 1. Military-grade radar jamming device, as seen on variants of the F-16 and F4 fighter jets. 2. Me.

    "WildWeasel" began when I was dreaming up a name to go with my newfound clanner status. I had just joined with three friends in their "clan", which was called the Idiots with Guns [IWG]. Our arch-nemeses (yes, that's a plural!) were the "Elite Killing Squad", made up of four or five of the "in" gang at school. They overheard one of us speaking of the Clan and challenged us to Counter-Strike.

    But back to me.

    I was originally known as "Renegade" back when I only played LAN games of Half-Life DM. Before that, all I could think of was...well, CJ (my initials). Or whatever the name of the cute girl was in whatever RPG I was playing at the time (Aeris was not uncommon, despite my being male).

    I approached my father on the subject over a hearty pizza dinner at the neighbors' house. He suggested I use "Wild Weasel".

    "Wild Weasel?" I repeated, wondering if he meant it as a joke.

    "The Wild Weasel," Dad explained, "is a military radar-jamming device." (I later confirmed this, as it appeared in "AirfightUT" on the F-4 Phantom.)

    So I adopted my new moniker, and proudly fought my way to the epic struggle between IWG and EKS...except that it never happened.

    The server turned out to be running on a 28.8K modem, by a member of EKS. They claimed it was a T3 connection (I never should have believed them!). So, nobody was declared a winner (although I think we were eventually declared winners by default, because EKS was totally dishonest and they were being right bastards about it).

    So, WildWeasel stuck, but IWG didn't (we thought of becoming a real clan, but the website designer quit on us).

    In case you're wondering about the R3000 bit, I decided to slap that on there. I registered here a year ago, simply as "wildweasel", but I forgot my password (there was threat of a hacker that had a list of passwords, so I changed mine to something I'll never remember.)

    1. Bloodshedder


      My good deed for the day.

    2. wildweasel


      Thank you, Bloodshedder, for giving me my old name back.

    3. Bucket



      Online, my name is usually "Bucket".
      I've been invited to clans and such, but never agreed.
      Personally, I don't think anything is worth the time of running an online game around a "schedule", even if I am claiming to be part of something larger.

      So, yeah... play Firearms lately?