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  1. I guess it's customary to post about upcoming birthdays in here? Well, mine's coming up in about four days...I've never received a birthday map before. Of course, now that I've said that, I'm sure a lot of the forum is wondering just who the hell I think I am. Eh, well, it's no skin off my back, in any case.

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    2. Phobus


      And here it is: Urban Escape

      Only took me around 3 and a half hours, so it's not exactly my next huge release, but it's a serviceable little map, I think. Enjoy :)

      EDIT: Now with non-D_RUNNIN music!

    3. wildweasel


      Phobus, just had a go at your map: ph_weasl_fda.lmp (skill 3, -complevel 9, recorded in prboom-plus with no weapon mods or additional files). Actually pretty enjoyable for as short as it is. I didn't really spend any time searching for secrets, but I did accidentally discover a grating that wasn't solid. =P

    4. Phobus


      Glad you liked it, even with the short development time! I had to rush the ending, as time before your birthday is pretty limited, unfortunately. I'll fix that grate... Luckily it was an unimportant one that I forgot to do :P Looks my balancing for difficulties went well, as the additional monsters on UV would probably have killed you on a few occasions!

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