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  1. (Otherwise known as "The Origins of TheWeaselMan")

    wild*weasel (n.) 1. Military-grade radar jamming device, as seen on variants of the F-16 and F4 fighter jets. 2. Me.

    "WildWeasel" began when I was dreaming up a name to go with my newfound clanner status. I had just joined with three friends in their "clan", which was called the Idiots with Guns [IWG]. Our arch-nemeses (yes, that's a plural!) were the "Elite Killing Squad", made up of four or five of the "in" gang at school. They overheard one of us speaking of the Clan and challenged us to Counter-Strike.

    But back to me.

    I was originally known as "Renegade" back when I only played LAN games of Half-Life DM. Before that, all I could think of was...well, CJ (my initials). Or whatever the name of the cute girl was in whatever RPG I was playing at the time (Aeris was not uncommon, despite my being male).

    I approached my father on the subject over a hearty pizza dinner at the neighbors' house. He suggested I use "Wild Weasel".

    "Wild Weasel?" I repeated, wondering if he meant it as a joke.

    "The Wild Weasel," Dad explained, "is a military radar-jamming device." (I later confirmed this, as it appeared in "AirfightUT" on the F-4 Phantom.)

    So I adopted my new moniker, and proudly fought my way to the epic struggle between IWG and EKS...except that it never happened.

    The server turned out to be running on a 28.8K modem, by a member of EKS. They claimed it was a T3 connection (I never should have believed them!). So, nobody was declared a winner (although I think we were eventually declared winners by default, because EKS was totally dishonest and they were being right bastards about it).

    So, WildWeasel stuck, but IWG didn't (we thought of becoming a real clan, but the website designer quit on us).

    In case you're wondering about the R3000 bit, I decided to slap that on there. I registered here a year ago, simply as "wildweasel", but I forgot my password (there was threat of a hacker that had a list of passwords, so I changed mine to something I'll never remember.)

    1. Bloodshedder


      My good deed for the day.

    2. wildweasel


      Thank you, Bloodshedder, for giving me my old name back.

    3. Bucket



      Online, my name is usually "Bucket".
      I've been invited to clans and such, but never agreed.
      Personally, I don't think anything is worth the time of running an online game around a "schedule", even if I am claiming to be part of something larger.

      So, yeah... play Firearms lately?