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  1. Since my formal adoption of the name "WildWeasel", I got curious and Googled the name. My results were shocking - forum posts on GameFAQs, a Wing Commander Prophecy killboard, and a wildlife gallery containing - you guessed it - weasels. I dove straight to the last page of results and found a purchase and shipping page for Garden Weasels.

    Rest assured - if you see a WildWeasel on any site that doesn't quite seem like me (ie. actually utters swear words or uses abbreviations/AOL-speak), then it's likely not me.

    I've tried other nicknames - in fact, one nick, "The Watcher", has stuck with me when I need to remain hidden. I currently have an account under that name at Newdoom, with a fake email to go with (thewatcherlooms@yahoo.com). The sig phrase that commonly goes with The Watcher reads: "Beware the Watchers, for they [insert something here]." I've filled in the blank several different ways...

    1. "...they are excellent snipers."
    2. "...they wallhack."
    3. "...they...well, they WATCH you! Isn't that creepy?!"

    I've also registered on the "Tawhid Odyssey" forums as Izanagi, back when I was trying Final Fantasy XI. I currently serve as the chairman of the official "Zhao Chang Booster Club" (Zhao Chang, my father, was the original founder of the Tawhid Odyssey back when they played Asheron's Call). I don't play the game any more.

    I'm pretty much sick and tired of online games now. Teamplay doesn't work with me, I don't make friends. For shooters, I will only play deathmatch on a LAN, because online players suck in my opinion. I was into Halo online play for a while (PC version), but I quit after realizing that I was the only all-around good player (everybody that played well was a jerk, and everybody that was a good team player got themselves shot all the time). I prefer a good singleplayer experience over online play with idiots that call themselves "HarrisonFordSucks" or "Deadly Toilet Duck".

    === RANT MODE OFF ===

    Currently listening to: Rob Hubbard's "One Man And His Droid" SID file
    Currently playing: Raven Shield, Halo LAN games
    Most recent game purchased: Earthworm Jim 3D/Bust A Move 4 Dual-Jewel