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  1. It's a great time to be a Castlevania super-fanboy. A new CV title has been announced for the very promising Nintendo DS, plus the original CV coming to Game Boy Advance. I don't own a GBA though (not legally), but I do plan to buy a DS. I don't really need the Classic NES Castlevania, because I already have an NES, and the Castlevania Chronicles version on PSX is much more fun in my opinion (really hard though).

    On the same note, I still haven't made it past Stage 6 on Rondo of Blood (where you fight classic NES bosses and eventually Shaft), I'm stuck on Stage 4 on Chronicles, and 3 on the Arrange mode, I haven't beated HoD yet, I have to restart on LoI because I screwed up a puzzle, I am stuck in CotM because I'm not powerful enough, and I can't beat AoS on hard mode.

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    2. Grimm


      . . . i liked Megaman Legends . . .

    3. wildweasel


      I'm not a Megaman fan. As good as the earlier Megaman games are, the series just hasn't had as much consistent quality as the Castlevania series. It really started downhill with the X series in my opinion, and they're just making the games too hard (I can't beat Mission 2 on Megaman Zero) or too boring (Megaman Battle Network, anyone?). The only Castlevanias I didn't like were the ones on the original Gameboy, and then because they were too slow and the controls too touchy. (I died three times in CV Legends on the first level just trying to grab that darned rope at the end of the first screen.) I haven't played the N64 ones, but I'm considering trying them if I can find them for cheap enough. I hear they're decent, if you overlook the camera controls and sometimes-difficult whip aiming.

    4. Ralphis


      Jayextee said:

      I've not played anything past X5, to be honest. They *are* good, but then I went straight onto the Megaman Zero games for the GBA, such is my love of Zero.

      I can't wait to play 3. Zero is going to have to eventually fight his old body, or at least that's my prediction.