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  1. When I saw the first screenshots and info of the upcoming Castlevania on DS, I nearly wet myself. But now, a week later, I hear the first of "Castlevania: Curse of Darkness" on the PS2 - which really made me pee myself. Another 3D CV game? On PS2? New familiar system?! This is all well and good - but I then discovered that the game is supposed to take place a year after Castlevania 3 (so Trevor, Sypha, and Grant might also make appearances - who knows! I wonder what a 3D Sypha would look like...).

    Yes sir, it's gonna be a great time to be a Castlevania Super Fanboy(tm).

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      The fantasy style artwork is much more fitting for the Castelvania theme. If I wanted to view Jpop goth artwork with sexually ambiguous characters I would pick up my favorite album from overseas.

      No Thank you.

      Today, fantasy arwork is a lost art. Nobody uses it anymore, and if there is one series that is the embodiment of that style, it's Castlevania. Dracula isn't some teenage angst Japanese goth work... Dracula is a novel that embodies European themes. The artwork for the original Castlevania series is the most accurate portrayal of what vampire hunting in a European town in the 16th century should look like.

      Somewhere along the lines, Castelvania STOPPED being castelvania and became something else... it was probably Symphony of the Night. They may be fun games... but they are not Castelvania games. They are just Games with Dracula in them. One need only look at the cover art to see that...

      Castelvania 3
      Lament of Innocence

      The only common theme is Dracula and hearts. In fact Castlevania is basically just Metroid with Dracula now. Instead of levels, there is a giant game world where new powers unlock new areas. Not that I hate this gameplay style, but it's not Castlevania. Sorry, but they just use the name because it sells.

      Bottom line for me, is that even if they are fun games, they make bad Castlevania games. Give me a whip and some ghouls and let me kick some ass a a muscle bound Germanic barbarian any day. If I wanted to play the latest Japanese goth anime I would... well nevermind because I don't.

      Edit: (Yes, that is a pic of Lament of Innocence which is probably closer to real castelvania than SOTN or any GBA one, save Circle of the Moon despite its ridiculously stupid card system. Lament just happens to embody the terrible artowrk of late)

    3. Danarchy


      Here, here. I've never been a fan of Castlevania, but I really hate japanese art stuff. I mean, I guess it works for mangas and anime, but otherwise it just looks pretentiously trendy. Why must it permeate every aspect of pop culture?

      Also, I was going to refute Scuba's statement that fantasy art is dead by stating that there is still stuff like D&D where you can find it, but then I remembered the state that they're in these days. They seem to be trending to a sci-fi cyberpunk type thing where everything takes a cool yet unrealistic pose while being dressed in black leather and weilding some crazy looking knife (that would be unusable in real life and unmakable by anything less than 20th century technology) which is dripping blood and ichor. Not to mention all their artists suck these days. It's really kind of sad.

    4. Epyo


      I haven't played any castlevanias before sotn, so I am outclassed.