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  1. If anybody here is interested in joining a community of writers (general writing - fiction, non-fiction, freestyle roleplaying, poetry, even journalism), I encourage you to join The Writers' Guild.

    Please ignore the fact that the Guild is located at Invisionfree, if you happen to have any grudges against them. We have an actual site in the pipeline, with (potentially) custom forum software and stuff (though we're experiencing some delays with it due to real-life issues with our site designer).

    So please, if you're interested in writing and literature, take a look at what we have. I'm sure there's something that you'll be interested in.

    1. wildweasel


      Okay, Invisionfree is abandoned, and the Guild has moved to a brand new site:


      Please bear with any technical problems we may be experiencing. Seven will try and fix them as soon as she's able.