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  1. Alright, I've got a copy of the new Wolfenstein and was astonished to find that, unlike other id Tech-based games, the resources are not stored in a renamed ZIP/PK4 file. There are only two PK4 files in the /Wolfenstein/SP/Base folder, assets.pk4 and shaders.pk4, neither of which will open in 7-zip or IZArc (7-zip complains and quits, IZArc just freezes). Assets is 21 megs, Shaders is just shy of 1 meg.

    I notice there's a bunch of folders beyond /base, including /videos (contains the .BIK video cutscenes - strangely, Raven didn't opt to do the cutscenes in-game but rather rendered them with the game engine to play back as pre-rendered videos), /maps (which contains several other folders beyond that, presumably one for each map in the game, and each of THOSE contains a .SPK file - which, I just checked, will also not open in 7-zip), and /streampacks (which contains MANY .SPK files, each corresponding to a single in-game object, apparently, and as with before, will still not open with 7-zip).

    Now, as a gun nut and collector of sound effects (don't ask me why...), I feel an intense urge to rip all the sound effects from Wolfenstein. But that's rather hard, considering I can't get into the data files, and I don't know the first thing about decoding file formats (it took me months to do anything with the .paq file from Crimsonland, and it turned out that all it was was a bunch of files appended onto each other, a la WAD).


    1. Coopersville


      WildWeasel said:

      I am someone other than Coopersville that acknowledges that Crimsonland exists


      Can't help ya.

    2. Danarchy


      Haha, I almost made pretty much the same post as Coopersville.

      Also, can't help you either.

    3. printz


      I like when people get involved in modding and reverse engineering right away. Shows how powerful a modding community can be.