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  1. From the local Salvation Army store (sometimes it pays to be persistent):

    Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom, DOS 6-CD edition. In its original box, with a slightly ripped slipcover, all six CD's in great condition, small manual, large manual, instruction cards, limited-edition lithograph ordering form, official strategy guide, and one trading card. Ebay's got these for $30-$60, I paid $20.

    Bioforge, DOS CD-ROM. Included the manual, CD in original case with instruction booklet inside, quickstart cards. I paid $5 for it.

    RC Pro-Am, NES, cartridge only, $2.

    God, I love shopping used-junk stores! Last time I scored something this awesome was at a Goodwill several months ago - somehow managed to get Outlaws, The Dig, The 7th Guest, and Total Annihilation for a grand total of less than $20. And before that, a Sega CD system for $7.

    Considering I check stores like this every week or so, I'm usually in the loop in regards to what new stuff has come in...they don't usually get this sort of stuff in, and when they do they don't tend to realize how much it's worth to an oldgamer like myself!

    1. Shaikoten


      Not bad, but kind of on the high end in terms of price for what I usually get for junk store diving. I'm a Flea Market junkie myself, but generally for LPs and nice 70s stereo equipment. How is Bioforge? I never played many of those DOS "movie style" games, at least not in the fantasy genre.

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