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  1. Starman the Blaziken

    Supercharge [gameplay mod | v3.0b 07/16/23 multiplayer fix]

    I was playing in a Zandronum server with the same issue as the user above. At least since they did not respond (At least in a comment anyways) I can confirm with a change in a copy file and some testing that this simple line addition works. Would think to upload a simple file with just the decoration as a patch here, unless you probably want to silently update the link yourself since it is one extra line to rid an annoying issue for Zandronum users and the online servers hosting it.
  2. Starman the Blaziken

    Descent Doom (Descent 2 in GZDoom)

    This... Is a very interesting mod! I just saw this mod when someone shown off their video in a Discord server, and it intrigued me quite a bit. I find this one to be quite a fun mod, despite some things I am probably having to figure out but I might as well say. One thing I can tell is that Proxy bombs must have a short range and it is kind of not so strong but I do not use them a whole bunch. This one might be some bind, but is their some bind that just ends up having you barrel roll round and round endlessly? Because when I check the map only to get out, I end up spinning and spinning and not too sure how to stop it. (Actually nevermind, it happens because the turn bind is also the same bind my follow mode on my map. Not sure if you might be able to do something on that one though.) Another thing I noticed is that backpack replacement items usually do not do anything after once by giving you ammo which still can be kinda helpful though. Although for this last one I probably want to mention that when I use say, a gun weapon... It seems to not trigger any hitscan-esk trigger lines, and even ones without any decoration in the way so I most likely have to use mdk in the console. Not sure if you might be able to do something about that though but that is all I have to say about the little issues of sorts I seen around in the mod, but I quite like where this has been going. :)
  3. Starman the Blaziken

    GLESZDoom - GZDoom for potatoes

    Yeah... It stinks... I plan to get a desktop some time soon when the computer chips stock up again and I already had to wait quite a bit before that to... And only was it recently though I seen how bad Intel kinda is along with laptops themselves although I had to confirm it with the 2nd thing by someone.
  4. Starman the Blaziken

    GLESZDoom - GZDoom for potatoes

    If it releases sooner than later... I was gonna say myself if their is something about that annoying debug spam since I was trying it out to see if it can run okay on my Intel laptop. It is a good laptop if not a few years old... But the only thing I have a problem is that they cannot fix a problem that might relate to how Intel computers have bad rendering and will randomly only freeze my screen in the middle of a game at random, but the game itself still plays. It works fine on LZ and Zandronum, and I dunno if it is because of how heavy GZD runs everything.
  5. Starman the Blaziken

    What's the deal with the sailor

    Well as I only know the Italian Sailors where added in 0.2 (without any unique sounds at first) that basically are just to replace the SMG Nazi. The normal map textures where around longer than the sailor itself, but no real connections with the crude poptart man otherwise. Not sure who added the Sailor or why it and the textures has been still sitting for so long... I been meaning to finish with the sprites and textures to make something that does tie in with the universe of FreeDoomland (And no one decides to make any real progress on cannon lore yet darn it) but I been at a sort of hiatus time from it as I been having a hard time mentally to finish it properly yet. My concept goes about rebels that escaped or mutinied from AGM and are willing to take a truce with the aliens and monsters to take down AGM (but are really paranoid and will kill traitors AKA infighting with one another :P), but as it stands FreeDoom Guy looks like one of the AGM employees so they go after him when seeing him.
  6. Starman the Blaziken

    Announcement to mappers: New lava-fall texture

    I do not think a single map uses it yet at this point. I would have expected a map to have used it by now, but with all the proposed map changes or complete swaps I do not think that texture has been lucky to be used yet outside of Pink Fish's still going edits.
  7. Starman the Blaziken

    what about FreeQuake?

    Not sure if LibreQuake might get the protagonist's mug to be in the HUD instead of a retracting cross for what seems to look like a placeholder between that and the ammo box type that the ammo HUD was too. But I do like my angry looking protagonists in a box though. :P
  8. Starman the Blaziken

    Announcement to mappers: New lava-fall texture

    I guess to say for a comparison... The blood falls have been replaced, but then you got the 2nd shot which being FIREBLU instead of lava falls. Although as of the recent builds at this time, the liquid is all blood from the falls to the ground, and yet their is that little tub of lava near the 1st shot which is still lava and not blood for some reason. Also the lavafall textures are not in yet it seems, unless that failed to get in.
  9. Starman the Blaziken

    Freedoom Mods

    I think Eric made a mod that basically replaces all the assets and sounds with FreeDoom stuff for the 2 Doom games, not sure if he really has ever updated it since then being that I never checked on it myself for something that is a rather simple mod.
  10. Starman the Blaziken

    Finishing unfinished monsters

    Barney the Lavamander
  11. Starman the Blaziken

    Finishing unfinished monsters

    Eh... I prefer the beaky lizard pain boys
  12. Starman the Blaziken

    Finishing unfinished monsters

    Probably because the person has not been around to doing it as of lately anymore, despite the fact that some of us like the old designs anyhow and who knows what might come to be when this person does return to probably change the fate of the project, the only thing that has been needing to be up to change otherwise besides this who-knows-overhaul is the sprite polishing for the L. Technospider, the Combat slug (What happened to the finished sprites though that was finished by another guy?), and the sailor replacement which I still plan on finishing when I am comfortable to take the rest of my time to do.
  13. Starman the Blaziken

    What does Freedoom remind you of?

    I at least want to share what the game reminds me of outside of media even though I will sound like Hobo Bobo the Noobo clown. The game reminds me of how the shape of everything is like a triangle from the font, to the FreeDoom guy's walking pose, to the sprite design of some enemies and weapons, but then the music for some reason in it's style makes me think is like triangles. Why the music? I have no heck of an idea but I had to include it. Other than that, I am not sure at the moment besides probably a lot of TF2 and TF1 (What I call Team Fortress Classic bleh).
  14. Starman the Blaziken

    Help with C1M6 door

    Of course, since it was back in the 1990s with those computers being more diffy than they are now.
  15. Starman the Blaziken

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    I was about to say that at least the angry face should be more like that since before that he looks like he has the not-angry-guy face Though I do like the faces we have in the game itself though. They look more good and original, but the only ones I WOULD edit are the looking faces since they look a little creepy.