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  1. I was about to say that at least the angry face should be more like that since before that he looks like he has the not-angry-guy face
    Though I do like the faces we have in the game itself though. They look more good and original, but the only ones I WOULD edit are the looking faces since they look a little creepy.

  2. Yeah I had that problem too in c1m5... It is a large map, even with all the enemies... But their was the map C1M7 that has destroyed my two maps of progress right at the start because of the worms and the other enemies going in my very direction when I fired my shotgun.
    Though is their is the map C2M2 that is suffering more to the other issues that the Chocolate Doom's engine in the main area with the bio-suit and the other area with the red key. I crashed thrice because of the engine failing to take in all the poly faces of those big rooms.

  3. I am sure being on the Discord server talking about it already, I want to put up my opinion about it here too.
    Though some changes where made while I was playing other things before looking at the latest build for FreeDoom, I am not exactly happy about the change to map 30's theme. Apart from being like the only FreeDoom Phasetato 2 song I constantly put on because I enjoy the upbeat track as it fits the level more than Doom's map 30 which is guitar and clock sounds, I rather have map 30 have it's old track since it just sounds better than throwing a chorus, a guitar, and that other instrument thingy.

    Basically what I am saying is that the new track makes it feel upbeat but standing at an odd angle just because of the changes especially with the addition chorus, while the old one is just upbeat with the MIDstruments it had because they fit together and sounds more harmonious. As much as I would *like* to see if it does come back, I just feel like the first word that came to mind and I stuck to it is that the map 30's theme now has gotten the *ugly*


    34 minutes ago, Xindage said:

    You can consider my option but REMENBER I'm not good with mobiles systems, it's just an idea.

    But I will take a look into it since that sounds interesting for me here...

  5. 1. Whoever got onto swapping the Demo map, thank you as I was about to report it in my later review because I was unable to load my game any time "while playing in a net game" while the demo played.
    2. I will try it in GZDoom and see how it feels for me first before I try the other, since I was playing the game in Chocolate Doom and well uh... Never turned off the Save Buffer Overflow setting that basically costed a couple level's progress since C1M7 in the starting area after a long attack... Pain. :\

  6. Just the thing is, it has not been optimized with the issues it has in the Chocolate engine in compare the GZD, and I am just here to spot anything notable. So far nothing much but just enemies getting pathetically stuck from lifts which the game has a lot enemies using lifts on in compare to Doom's use of them.

    Speaking of stuck, think someone should do something for a commit to delete most if not all of those tiny unused spaces in Freedoom? I see many of them not holding any enemies or some trigger lines when using IDDT or Guncaster with the Wizard's eye power up.

  7. If their is one thing I really recommend and I mean, really before I review the map for kind of what it is. Change the way how map 16 ends in phase 2 since I am at least aware of the pain and death sounds the boss brain has gotten since the 0.11.3 release, it gets really noisy when the crushing platforms go down and start draining health. But when the 3 are killed, it gets quite loud.

  8. I was thinking of playing Freedoom from the latest build on Chocolate Doom with both phases together just to see what issues or problems the maps have since I saw map 30 have some texture issues and still with the fact that the JoD does not say it's reversed line due to the old Doom engine overlaying it from the Assault Meat Bucket. (Yeah I figured it out, but I suggest to turn it around just so that it is not as immediate of a threat until you fire your weapons, or maybe replace it with a turned Dark Soldier)

    Besides, I never really played the game in it's vanilla form just because I played it with Guncaster once and an unfinished play with Trailblazer. So I might as well do it, while also putting a dash for my review on the maps and a review on them since I am not fond of every map being that some feel a bit sprawling and non-linear. All I can say though is that it is a suggestion for little or mild map changes since I do not think it is often FD maps are reviewed as much as D4rk reviewing the music himself (I will do the same to the maps he looked at).

    Oh, and one other thing I might think of doing if I at least have the spirit to do so is to see if I can get into poking with Doom Builder to contribute a map to a missing level since their are not many left at all that need to be filled in. Something to do at the least since I find Freedoom more promising to look into than when I first saw the creepy Freedoom Guy's face before the changes to him where made to the sprites a bit.

  9. I need to check into some of the maps at least tomorrow, but for a few of the bullet points you made D4rk, I disagree with a few of them, and I mean in a more factual than opinionated manner.
    But at least here is one think I must ask you, why do you say Map 13 sounds the same as C1M1? It sounds independent from that Phase 1 song to me.

  10. 20 hours ago, Immorpher said:

    From my experience a lot of noise comes about from going between 16 bit to 8 bit. 8 bit is awfully coarse-grained, an unfortunate issue from systems at the time. The best way to avoid that, in my experience, is to get rid of any low amplitudes. Since these are quiet and can oscillate between coarse grained values, it introduces higher frequency noise which becomes audible in quiet sections. One way I avoid this is to simply delete any long fade outs/ins (which coincidentally helped devs save space back in the day). But that doesn't help for low amplitudes in the middle of sounds. The way I would handle those is to use a compressor or a dynamics processor to amplify middle quiet amplitudes.

    If their is only one thing I actually do like out of the 8-bit sounds is the teleport sound that I guess you replaced? It kind of fits more with being a teleport sound even to what Doom sounds like, but also more of a way to say it is less noisy than what it is replaced by now. Though I do not mind it, just the old one sounds more like what the teleport sound should look like to the sprite itself.