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Everything posted by VentoliN13

  1. VentoliN13

    BIG Vanilla Classic Wad Collection ( Doom / Doom2 )

    Just now found this and you are seriously the best man! 😍😁
  2. VentoliN13

    MAP01 replacement

    Great job my dude!
  3. VentoliN13

    Update 6.66 Released - Impressions

    Will there ever be more add-ons for Doom 64 on ps4 like there is for Doom I & II?
  4. VentoliN13

    RAY MOHAWK 2: 20 Vanilla Maps! (Now on /idgames!)

    I've waited so long for this. . .
  5. VentoliN13

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    A very important person from Touhou. . .
  6. You sir, have just became a legend in the Doom community. . .
  7. VentoliN13

    DOOM, DOOM II & DOOM 3 Limited Run PS4/Switch

    I jumped on it man. . . I really hope you can get one as well bro! 😣
  8. When will you guy's release a much more revamped online multiplayer option for Delta Touch? We're all truly anxiously waiting. . . LOVE YALL! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! 😍

  9. Great job thus far mang 😍
  10. VentoliN13

    Rowdy Rudy Resource Pack

    You sir, are God LvL!
  11. VentoliN13

    how to play perditions gate?

    What's the difference in Pardition's Gate and Pardition's Gate X versions? Someone please explain this to me. . .
  12. VentoliN13

    Doom Unity re-release ps4 version

    Thanks man
  13. VentoliN13

    Doom Unity re-release ps4 version

    Does anyone have access to the upcoming add-on lineup?
  14. VentoliN13

    1000 Line 2 CP - Completed

    I really appreciate it man.
  15. VentoliN13

    1000 Line 2 CP - Completed

    I figured out and I feel like an idiot. Haha
  16. VentoliN13

    1000 Line 2 CP - Completed

    Where can I download this wad?
  17. When is the next BIG update for Delta coming out? πŸ‘€

    1. beloko


      Very soon, mostly just engine updatesΒ 

    2. VentoliN13


      I'm very excited! YOU'RE A LEGEND! Or yall. . . Lol 🀩

  18. All in all is all we all are. . .