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  1. Zombie Keeper

    do any of you...

    Here's mine: http://www.zombiekeeper.com/misc/doom.jpg
  2. Zombie Keeper

    NWT + Win XP

    Got it to work, thanks guys!
  3. Zombie Keeper

    Which Editor To Use?

    It's been a while since I fired up a level editor. In the past, I used DCK to create levels. I'm runing XP now and I'd like to modify a couple of my wads in preparation of review for this site. What level editor should I be using? Thanks!
  4. Zombie Keeper

    8 Pack

    I want to download the 8Pack wad but the mirrors on this page are all broken. http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=12046 Is there an alternative mirror in which I can download from?
  5. Zombie Keeper

    NWT + Win XP

    How can I get NWT to work with WinXP?
  6. Zombie Keeper

    Wad Tools?

    Thanks UD. I just may re-release these for review. I've always wondered what others would think of them. On that note, I did notice, using zdoom, and having the jump function turned on, that some of the routes you take to complete puzzles change. So in some cases, you can get to things you couldn't get to before the jump function was enabled.
  7. Zombie Keeper

    Wad Tools?

    So I've been a Doomer since Doom came out in, I think in '93. I've created dozens and dozens of wads, but sadly over the years have lost many of them. I do have 4 Doom 2 single player wads that are quite incredible. I'd like to compile these wads into one single mission creating 4 maps in one wad. Is there a tool I can use to make that happen? Afterwards, I'd like to make it available to you guys to play.
  8. Zombie Keeper

    Using zdoom with external wads...

    That did the trick. Thanks!
  9. Zombie Keeper

    Using zdoom with external wads...

    How can I get user created wads to work with zdoom?
  10. Zombie Keeper

    Mouse Doesn't Work Under Win XP - HELP!

    Thanks for the advice guys. I used ZDoom and all is good.
  11. Zombie Keeper

    Mouse Doesn't Work Under Win XP - HELP!

    Will Doom3D 1.16 work? There are so many to choose from. I have no idea where to start.
  12. I just installed the Doom Collection and it runs fine with one exception; there's no mouse support. Does anyonw know if there's a fix to this? Playing with the keyboard is agonizing to say the least. FYI - I'm running XP and the mouse option under "Confiuration" is enabled.