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  1. alas I cant go to sleep yet. I just got off work (graveyard 10 pm to 7 am, whee!) and have to go to the and talk to my former landlady and try and get my deposit back. $328 she might owe me back. It's been over a month since I offically moved out and they are suppose to have the deposit back to you within 14 days!

    Its been over a month you freaking hag, I want my money!

    heh, interesting thing that occured to me last night at work. She told me to make the place spotless before I left so people could move in right away (she didn't have anyone moving in at the time though she said i guess).

    after i cleaned she bitched about how i didn't get the carpet vaccumed or how the cabents were still "nasty". BS!!

    anyway, in january they bumped up the rent from $336 to $396 a month, which was to cover the new cabents, kitchen floors, A/C, and dishwashers.

    Now the second the people living below me left, there was a crew hammering away and fixing it up.

    Now why the fuck di I have to make the place uber spotless when they where going in and refurnishing the place anyway?

    They actually replaced all the carpet and replaced the the kitchen stuff in my neighbors place, and they moved at the same time I did.

    I can see where they wanted it to be clean when I left, I understand that completely, but it was either I make the place emaculatelly clean or PAY $15 bucks a hour for them to clean when they would just rip it the stuff out anyway.


    off i go to get some "breakfast" and then the bank and finally the landhags place. IF she's even there. dodgey biatch!

    remember to eat the pudding!

    1. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      /me pours lava on landhag after she gives crispy his doolahs