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  1. ...until I get my computer running again. ARGH!!!

    However it'll be rather spiffy! i think...

    I think I metioned this on IRC ealier, but i'm look at a Athlon 2700 (2800 maybe) 515 ram blah blah.

    i'll be yummy at any rate, so er.. um.. yeah.

    I like this blog thingy so much i'll be using this quite often when i get going again. I kinda wanted to have one anyway so i'll take advantage of this one.

    Um Doom Radio isn't dead, however im not sure about the hosting situation again, but it'll be back with avengance. ;P

    Man I really wanna get back to some map editing again like something fierce. To many ideas going to waste in my head because of this damn 'puter...

    well enough jabbering about my tales of woe, resume life or whatever as you know it.

    I have nipples.

    1. Bloodshedder


      Maybe DW will host you. Or maybe Manc.