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  1. Well I'll be a rhoid on a cacos ass! A SkullTag version soon to be released. w00t! Anyways, on the 10 of October I'm heading home for a wedding and I think I'll have the cash for more than a new motherboard and cpu.

    A $10k bond for school use is so much fun to waste on other things. heh heh heh heh...

    well i'll use it for school come January, but I cant wait around any more. I did get a 35 cent raise (7.35 ph now), but I need more baby back NOW! :)

    Now hopefully my parents won't notice it missing or something like that. But it is mine and I am 24 for chrissakes.

    So um yeah. Sleep bekons me once again.

    "Can I be a mongoose dog?"

    1. Bloodshedder


      Doom Radio: With a Vengeance!

      It's been what, 10-11 months now?

    2. Danarchy


      sgtcrispy said:

      "Can I be a mongoose dog?"

      "...and then the squirrel ate Dib's greasy head".