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  1. After living in California for about month and a half, I might be moving back home.
    Why you ask?

    1. My older bro is quite possbily moving to Portland, OR because of his job. This is actually a good thing for him. But if/when he goes, he's going alone so I'll on my own again. No biggie really...

    2. I'm still without a job after filling out apps and handing out resumes like crazy.
    read = too many people, very few jobs.

    3. My parents are ramping up their busines and could use some help. They run a hunting lodge for those curious.
    http://www.whitethundercreekranch.com (shameless plug...)
    Crappy website done ours yours truly...

    This area is beautiful and all, but it's hick and hippieville. (And I know hicks, I grew up in South Dakota! ;) ) So that's about it really. I don't know when I'll be leaving either. I could either stay and get a temp job until the christmas or leave now.
    Or just stay and hope to hell I find a decent paying job. Unlikely...

    I've spent so much money just getting up here and now that I'm about out, I must face going back home again. ARGH!!

    So what should I do? I'm set on going home at the moment but I want to be sure I won't making a huge mistake.

    Although going home means no more cable modem.... :(

    Thoughts, ideas, questions?

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    2. myk


      Silverwyvern said:
      then quickly upgraded to telemarketer in town.

      Back in the telemarketing town, I was losing my mind. I was lonely, all my friends had moved away, and the job was miserable. After roughly two weeks of the job I finally jut handed in my headset and went home in tears. I was unemployed for about a week, and while the fear of telephones was lessoning, I was still very lonely.

      May I ask what this was? Customer service and billing?

    3. pritch


      I'm at uni doing postgrad because I knew it would make me happy. Put me in a fucking huge amount of debt, yes, but I'd rather that than doing some shitty job somewhere.

      I dont expect to walk out of here and be given a good job. But my chances are better, plus I know I have the attitude and bullshitting skills to get something half-decent.

      I'd keep plugging away at it Crispy. I think you'll get a sense of relief if you move back, but it will be followed by annoyance that you did not give it everything, and thats tough to live with. Set a date and say if nothings happened by then, go home with no guilt, you tried your best.

    4. Silverwyvern


      myk said:

      May I ask what this was? Customer service and billing?

      Selling AT&T long distance to the States, actually.