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  1. I finally broke down and bought the big black box from hell.

    Damn Doom3 Limited Edtion with its Doom 1 and 2 being included...

    I think they did a decent job porting it over, although the texture quality is rather blocky but I can deal.

    I do wish the Doom 1 and 2 ports were a little better also, but hey what can ya do? At least the demos are in-sync. heh.

    Now my PSP (ie: WipeOut Pure) has some competion for my gaming attention.

    How sad is it that I bought a XBox just for Doom3?

    Oh, and Resurrection of Evil rocks. Love that Double Barrel Shotty.


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    2. Johnny


      Aww, you should have waited a few more months for the Xbox 360. It's backwards compatible, so you could have had Doom 3 AND a much better, smaller console.

    3. Coopersville


      Yeah, but who wants to pay all that to just play Doom3?

    4. Bucket


      I suppose the same people who shelled out $199 for a DX9 card in the past year.