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  1. Since the folks bought the bar they have had the music in the jukebox updated a tad, and we naturaly got some cd with more modern music.

    One cd has The Hand That Feeds and another has Only on it, which made me happy. You can only listen to country music and classic rock for so long before you go insane.

    So she'd go play some music once in awhile when the people stopped slamming the bar with beer and drink requests, and she'd sneak those two in there every so often.

    Kinda surprised me, but hey my folks are cool so I though nothing of it.

    Atfer the whole St Paul deal was over with I figured I'd let her borrow my With Teeth cd to see what she thought of it.

    And I'll be damned if she didn't enjoy the hell out of it.

    Kick ass.
    You go girl.

    EDIT: I still kinda doubt she'd like their earlier stuff.

    Yeah I can see it now. My mom rocking out to Fixed or TDS. meh

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    2. Liam


      insertwackynamehere said:

      my mom hates the fact I listen to trance music :(


    3. insertwackynamehere


      yeah she thinks its not real music and its bad for you

    4. TawmDee


      and she's right

      my mum doesnt really like any of my metal music, but probably has nothing against it. i dunno. does like some of the acoustic or ambient interludes that play in my playist, naturally, since those are also awesome.

      my dad i can relate with since he usually listens to alot of progressive rock, some unheard of stuff too. he can relate with me and thrash metal too, which is great, since i even gave him some artists/albums to check out (the classics, you know, Testament, Exodus, Sodom, Anthrax etc.)
      he'd like death metal but he still can't get to grips with the vocals :(

      trance is still gay though