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  1. I wish I knew what to say here than I'm extemely saddened by this tragic turn of events.

    My bro told me about it yesterday and I went to town today to my friend Liz' house to comfirm this and alas it was true.

    Liz and him were pretty close ever since highschool and had hung out quite alot so she's quite shaken by the whole thing. Me and him did the same too, although since I lived out in the country I never really got really close any of my friends.

    Anyway, Liz made a few calls to see when one could go a view the body. Me, Liz and her husband Dan went down to funeral home about four hours ago and went to see him. I haven't seen him pracitally since HS so like most friendships that time wears on, I felt sad but not really completely distraught.

    He looked so alive laying on the table in the homes basment. His face seemed fine I guess it wasn't messy or the people did a really good job on him, I couldn't tell.

    He was just laying there.

    I swear to god he was going to jump right up from the table and yell

    "Hey fuckers!! Fooled you! HAHAHA!!!"

    It never happened...

    Liz was crying and Dan put a arm around her and just kinda stood there. So young and gone. He kinda looked like Nick Stahl from Carnivale, washed and groomed of course.

    But gone...

    I had to walk around the room I couldn't take it seeing him. All I could think of was the times we hung out and and dammit man, what the fuck???

    There will be a memorial wedesnday since his mom is having him cremated.

    No happy holidays around here this year.

    Goodbye Thor,