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  1. Well this is just great. Once again my dear Trinitron is starting to flake out, this time I fear for the worst. Even as I type this post it's flickering and fading out like when it is changing resolutions. But like every 1-5 seconds. Naturally I would get a new one but since I'm moving in a few months and not taking my rig with me why bother.
    Of course if it dies now no 'puter at all.

    It's 7-8 (?) years old so I'm not really to surprised at this but it's still aggravating as all hell. I guess if it does finally decided to bite the bullet I'll be using the PS3 and DS for searching das tubes.

    Should hinted at a new LCD for christmas instead...

    Damn it...

    P.S. Also got back from black friday shopping and the NIN show in Rapid.
    I was in the center at the barricade. Hells Yes!

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    2. sgtcrispy


      It seems to have stopped choking and hacking for the moment. All good. :)

      Hmm, what's this image restoration option do....

      OMG, it's all clear and crisp(y) again.

      I've had this thing for how long and didn't even notice that option???

    3. myk


      Use3D said:
      the phosphorus layer in my crt has been slowly burning out for a couple years now. doomworld is completely black and games like doom3 are pretty much unplayable even though gamma is maxed out. I even had to download the adobe gamma manager cause my nvidia panel can't go up anymore without washing out everything. I'll be retiring it soon.

      I've been there, and back then I didn't even have a means of brightening it through the graphics card. At best what I could do was use a hacked COLORMAP to make DOOM more or less playable (outside engines that allow very high gamma settings). Eventually it also started getting blurry, which was intolerable.

    4. TomoAlien


      I have one dead subpixel(red one) in my LCD. I tried fixing it, but it's totally dead.