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  1. EDIT:
    Fuck so damn old can't even post a img properly......

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    2. Hellbent


      sgtcrispy said:

      A month later and still derailed. woot.....

      Oh, happy birthday. I'll soon be 30. It is a surreal number. I still feel like 22. Plus I'm an undergrad in college O_o.

    3. ReFracture


      myk said:

      To think that my keyboard is 20...

      Is it one of those heavy as shit IBM keyboards? Those were pretty bitchin', even though they were kinda loud.

      I'm gonna be 20 this June.

    4. rf`


      Kyka said:

      On the other hand, I did find this. It has nothing to do with birthdays whatsoever, but I did find it during the birthday search I just undertook, so it will just have to do.