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  1. Well for some reason I decided to hook up my rig to my 27 lcd tv and use that as my monitor instead of my good old 18' Trinitron. I've done this before using several nvidia cards and it always seems to flake out and never look quite right.
    However, this HD3850 seems to be running just peachy so far. I might need to do a little tweaking yet but so far.. yum.

    1366 x 768 is the max res alas. It "can" go higher but it gets squishy ect ect.

    The big thing is though, is the space on my desk now. Glorious I say.
    Bonus: Moved my PS3 over next the 'puter in the lower printer spaces.

    No more DishTV though. meh.

    EDIT:. Doom. 27 inch widescreen. /me drools....

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    2. sgtcrispy


      /me mumbles to himself "Flickr account dingus..."

      Here's some pics of the setup.



      hehe I just realized my ipod was in the shots too...

      /me cries

    3. Sporku


      I have a semi-similar setup, except I use a computer monitor as my television in that I have all of my major game consoles hooked up to it. I've got a 21" Samsung SyncMaster with both VGA and DVI inputs on it.

      For the most part it's a pretty pain-free setup. My 360 is hooked up using the official VGA cable Microsoft has been ever so kind to supply, and my PS3 and computer hooked up via DVI. The PS3 was a tad bit complicated to get working, as I had to ghetto-rig a custom setup as Sony is too lame to supply a VGA/DVI cable for the damn system. I use a DVI-HDMI converter for the video, and then I have to keep the standard composite audio/video cable hooked up to the PS3 solely for sound, which I then route to the audio-in jack on my computer (so I can have my speakers work with my PC and PS3 at the same time without having to switch cables or anything) using a RCA-3.5mm converter. Works great, as my monitor displays 1080p just fine.

      On a semi-related note, the PS3 kicks some major ass for a media center setup. The ability to actually copy music and video over from a network computer (something I had hoped for but was lacking in the 360) is totally awesome. I've never found streaming to be particularly good on either console (always get lag and random dropouts in playback), so it's awesome that the PS3 allows you to copy media directly to the playstation. My only problem is the relatively cumbersome way of actually organizing stuff once you've copied it over. Other than that, it's pretty great.

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      I have tried to do that, but with a PS2.

      My 24" SyncMaster has VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs. The idea being that I can use my PC on the DVI, and my PS2 on the VGA via an RCA-to-VGA converter box I'd previously been using when I had two 17" LCDs. However something about the VGA signaling doesn't agree with this monitor, so anything going thru the converter box ends up skipping and unwatchable. Fail.

      I guess if I ever bought a Wii/360/PS3 I could use the HDMI input, as I have an old-school standard def CRT TV hooked up to an XBMC-Box for watching TV shows, and no desire to upgrade TV.

      One of the dudes at work has a PS3 and PSP. He rates highly the fact that you can stream media from the PS3 to the portable, even when away from home, as long as you have wifi.

      For me, when something as open and simple as XBMC comes along, I'll have a reason to buy some new hardware. The poor little XBox finds it hard to keep up with modern HD formats. I think my best option at the moment is an LCD TV with DVI-in, a Mac Mini with Windows and XBMC on it and a USB remote control.