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  1. One of my cousins had his wedding today and volunteered to help out in the kitchen with food prep and what not. So that went well and tasty eats were had by all. After the that was all done, I decided to head out and hopping in my jeep.

    I noticed that the cord from the cassette deck adapter was strung across the passenger seat. That odd I though also noticing the Belkin charger was missing from the power port. "Hmmm" I thought to myself as I opened the center armrest and saw my iPod was also missing.


    Called the police and one promptly pulled up. Gave my info and yada yada yada.

    I of course hold no high hopes of ever seeing my precious 60gb 5th gen iPod Video ever again, but one can dream.

    At the least the woman in charge of the kitchen was a smoking hottie, so that helps I guess.
    /end calm voice/


    EDIT: So how's your weekend going so far? :)

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    2. geo


      Wait wait wait... let me PM you something about ipod. It has anti theft.

    3. sgtcrispy


      geo said:

      Wait wait wait... let me PM you something about ipod. It has anti theft.

      Thanks man! :)

    4. geo


      Hey any time, hope I helped in some way. The community helps me :-)