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  1. It was a good year.

    Plus randomly bumped into Dave Taylor and heard a interesting story about Trent Reznor and John Carmack.

    Yeah, it was a good year.


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    2. sgtcrispy


      Okey dokey...

      I was looking for someone at a camp (Fandango!!!!) and wandered into the bar they had set up and kinda crashed there for a hour or so. When one of the bartenders was at the bar, I asked if so-and-so had arrived yet, he didn't know so I got a drink and chilled for a bit while he continued talking to another patron.

      I can't remember the conversation that had drawn me over to them but we started chatting about what they did and the bartender (Matt) mentioned he had worked in the games industry for a bit and then the person he was talking too said he was in the industry. We asked what he had worked on and he said "doom and quake"

      Ok, so now my eyes grew wide as tires and then I asked his name and had to turn around and take a breath to avoid hyperventilating. I tried my best not to go all fanboy on him.

      I won't repeat the story he told about Trent and John, but it involved a party and beautiful woman.

      He did say he was working a new version of Karateka, and talked about some of the things were were doing with it and it sounded damn cool.

      Then a stable tightly packed dust devil formed outside the camp and Matt and Dave giddily ran out to stand inside in arms waving like kids. I never saw him again, but I assume he used his super powers to ride the cyclone off to another part of the playa.

      Now if I had only taken a picture with him.... ARAARGH!!!!

      Matt did take a couple pictures which might pop up sooner or later.

      Very interesting and laid back guy.

      Also by good year I meant it was a good burn. my bad.

      Deathbringer said:
      Isn't that like some cod-religious rave where they burn a big wicker man as a vaguely "pagan" guesture "because that right thurs mah dang cult-yoo-ral HYURR-tage y'all" while stoned and all jabber about how it was "intense, man"?[/B]


      Danarchy said:

      It used to be such. Now it's just a very commercialized version of that, if you can believe the ramblings you hear on the internet.

      Not even close...

    3. Shaikoten


      deathbringer said:

      they burn a big wicker man