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  1. MassiveEdgelord

    Zandronum settings keep resetting.

    Ok so when I opened my up my settings today all of a sudden the controls and stuff were back to the defaults for no reason. When I change it and then exit the controls are back to the defaults again. What's happening?
  2. MassiveEdgelord

    Let's Be Revealing

    Favorite Movie Genre: Dramedy Favorite Food: Fish from Ralphs, Glazed Donuts Favorite Holiday: Christmas Favorite Memory: IDK Worst Memory: All of 9th grade. Age: 16  Favorite Outfit: IDK  Favorite Genre Of Music: Ska/New Wave/Electronic/Orchestral Most Hated Genre of Music: None Left Handed or Right Handed: Right Worst Injury: I sliced open my finger once somewhat deeply, causing a permanent scar Favorite Hobby: Gaming, reading, and learning more about the things I like. Your Definition of Success: Same as @CARRiON, but also getting my dream jobs as well.
  3. MassiveEdgelord

    Is E4 in Ultimate Doom optional?

    Episode 4 is fun. Go play it.
  4. MassiveEdgelord

    World Health Organization to add Gaming Disorder to ICD

    Personally I think it should be called "Gaming Addiction Disorder" as it's a much more precise accurate name and "Gaming Disorder" is slightly misleading as it makes it seem like gaming by itself is the problem.
  5. MassiveEdgelord

    GZDoom is lagging.

    I'm just playing normal Ultimate DOOM. Which other source ports do you reccomend? I also have DOOM legacy.
  6. MassiveEdgelord

    GZDoom is lagging.

    My laptop uses windows 10 and is 64 bit.
  7. MassiveEdgelord

    GZDoom is lagging.

    Ok so like, I'm new to GZDoom and I'm starting to notice that it like, tends to lag quite a bit for me. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to like, stop it?